10 Documents You Must Ask Builder-Developer While Buying a House

While buying a house you spend your lifetime investment and during the buying process you should make sure that it won’t turn into a nightmare. While selecting properties we generally look for cost, Location, Possession period (if Site is Under Construction). Short listing of your dream house can be done from above described parameters. However, it is necessary to ask for the documents that need to be check and verify before buying your dream house. Checking and verifying all the legal documents can protect you against cheating and also your lifetime investment.

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  • The construction permission along with approved drawings from local authority i.e. Municipality, Corporation, Village-Taluka Panchayat etc.
  • The property card from City Survey department or 7 x 12 form from the office of Talati / Mamlatdar. Also check in whose name the property stands in this documents. If the property is not in the name of builder, how he is going to transfer the same in your name? Always consult advocate in such cases.
  • Whether the permission for non agricultural land use for residential purpose has been obtained from competent authority or not? The copy of such N.A. order with drawings is must.
  • Check all the conditions mentioned in the N.A. order / construction permission as normally there are so many conditions stipulated with permission.
  • Title clear certificate from the advocate.
  • You can also check in Form No. 6 from the village talati for last 30 years from where you will know the status of ownership in last 30 years.
  • Whether the builder has obtained permission for water supply, drainage etc. before commen cement of the construction.
  • Whether the electricity power would be made available by supply company on completion of work. Copy of such assurance from the electricity company or assurance from the developer.
  • Certificate from fire safety officer in case of high rise building.
  • In case of large projects more than 20,000 sqm in area No Objection from Ministry of environment and forest is must. Check whether builder has obtained such No Objection. Also check the conditions stipulated in such No Objection.
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