13 Measures to Get Better Price While Selling a House

Whenever you want to sell your existing house, it is always desirable that you update it, refurbish it to add value to it. It is also necessary to repair all minor defects, cracks etc., which otherwise reduce value considerably.

Selling a House
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Decorate Your Home to Add to Its Value:

Hence before you go hunting for a buyer, make your house attractive. Put yourself in the shoes of potential buyer: will you ever like or like to buy a home that has cracks in the wall, peeling paint and washrooms that don’t work, doors and windows that doesn’t close? The prospect of putting in more on home repairs can be a deal breaker. You may have to shell out some money to spruce up the place, but it will add more to the value to your house and give you an edge when you negotiate the price. “Even a fresh coat of paint can add value to the house”. Rather always paint as painting gives the feeling of newness, freshness, sense of completion and of course it looks neat and clean and stains free.

However, home improvement doesn’t make sense in high-end property. Buyers have their own tastes and even builders hand over bare shell flats to them.

Simple measures can make a house more attractive to the prospective buyer.

01. Seal all Cracks and Paint the Walls:

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for the value of your house. There is no need to splurge on the premium emulsion. Go for a basic distemper and choose neutral shades. A light colour makes the house look bigger. Make sure that all holes are filled with putty and any damage to the plaster is repaired.

Painting And Repairing Work for Resale
Painting and Repairing Work for Resale
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The cracks also give an appearance of the unsold defective house.  If there are structural cracks, you need to take serious measures with the help of a professional engineer. The cost of painting a 1000 sq.ft. or a 2 BHK flat would hardly be anything between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000 but it can add 2 /3 times value to the house.

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02. Check Wiring and Electrical Installations:

Many buyers are looking for a property in which they can move in very quickly. All electrical plug points and switches are very important. Ensure that all the electrical equipment are working and replace fused bulbs. It will light up your chances of fetching a good price for your house.

Also, replace switch plates & fused bulbs. Its lumpsump cost would be hardly Rs. 500 to 5000 per flat.

03. Replace Cracked Floor Tiles:

A damaged floor looks very unattractive. Replace broken tiles or get the floor polished to give it a glossy look. Grinding and polishing a marble floor can cost more. This will also help remove stains from the floor. The floor is as important as painting in adding beauty to the house. Its cost may be around Rs. 10,000.

04. Fix Leaky Taps:

Taps with no water and non-functional washrooms tell buyers that they have to get a lot of work done and the house is not ready for occupation. Ensure that all faucets and washrooms are functional. This hardly carries any cost but will reduce your house value considerably.

05. Clean Everything:

A prospective buyer should not start coughing or choke his nose to foul odours when he enters the house. Get the entire place vacuum cleaned so that it is spick and span. No cobwebs, dusty floors or foul odours. It will hardly cost you anything but will add a lot of value.

06. Use Plants:

Brighten up the place with potted plants. Even artificial plants can bring cheer to an empty house. If there is a balcony or terrace, check that the railing is not broken. It will hardly cost you Rs. 1000/-.

07. Wash the Exterior:

Nothing like a good shower to refurbish things up. Spray water on the exterior walls and in the courtyard to give the house a fresh feel. The only expense is your sweat and time.

08. Polish Kitchen and Cabinets:

If the woodwork in the kitchen is in a bad condition, get it varnished or laminated. Spray pesticide to get rid of cockroaches and other insects.

09. Fix the Parking Space:

For many people a fixed place to park their vehicles is essential than an extra bedroom. If you have an independent house, build a shed to cover the parking area.

10. Disinfect the Toilets:

A dirty, stinking bathroom can be a deal breaker. Ensure that all toilets are clean, the drains are not blocked and there are deodorizers in the washroom. It has practically no cost except your labour.

11. Keep Some Furniture:

An empty house is not as appealing as one with some furniture in it. It adds warmth to the property. This is why sample flats are filled with furniture. A small fridge with some refreshments can add more value.

12. Repair or Replace Locks:

See that all locks of doors / cupboards are working and have set of keys ready. If you don’t give the set of keys, the buyer would be hesitant to buy.

13. Replace Broken Window Glasses:

The broken window glasses lets in noise, dust, mosquito and rainwater. It creates a lot of nuisance. Nobody would like to get into botheration of all such petty works.

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