17 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer for your Home

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Interior designing has been a self-certifying profession till date. In many states, the individuals call themselves as designers, regardless of their academic qualifications to offer interior design services. Therefore we suggest you, hire a designer who is professionally sound and have a sound knowledge of design and is also creative.

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The great spaces do not happen by mistake! Because some designers have a gift of designing rooms space with functional and aesthetically pleasing to our eye.  When the designer looks at a house/room they always start thinking of the principles and elements of interior design.

The Interior designing consist of following stages:

  • Philosophy of design and design principles in understanding your needs, lifestyle and culture
  • Basic layout of house – location and priorities of various elements
  • Basic layout of a room
  • Size and dimension of each elements
  • Material selection
  • Overall elegance, aesthetics by keeping in view future life and your budget

Please note that most of the self styled interior designers without academic background are not designers, we may call them interior decorators. They just put in flashy, attractive, costly materials and satisfying your ego irrespective of understanding whether you need them or not and ofcourse without any harmony or flow of design.

Here are 17 reasons why you should hire an interior designer for your dream house:

Trained Expertise Professionals:

01. They are trained expert professionals who have the knowledge to understand the balance between art and science and to put them together.

02. They regularly visit the site and have a trained eye that can directly tell you if something is going wrong or right with the space.

03. Any project small or large have challenges. As a designer they are trained to come up with best creative solutions and solve the problems when arise.

04. They will give you good suggestions for creating your home that reflects YOU.

Makes Space Better:

05. They facilitate optimum utilization of space and understand the way you live and way you want to live with functionality, aesthetics and comfort.

06. They also understand the relationship of using different materials together and how to fill it with creative ideas!

Creates “Wow Factor”:

07. Final design goal of a designer is to have a “wow” As a designer they are trained to think “out of box” with an artistic and creative eye. They will shake up all your usual thinking boundaries and inspire you to explore with them all corners of your vision for your space in a house.

Refine your Ideas:

08. There is a common belief that the designer will take over your home and impose their style on you! But the real fact is, a good designer will work with you and refine your vision and idea by making them better.

Right Design Solutions: Saves Money & Time:

09. Many material choices are available in the market and so hiring a designer helps you to make a right choices and avoid costly mistakes which saves your money.

10. They understand your actual needs in minute details. They usually show you the designs which you really want or thought and add value for your money!

11. They usually give all minute detailed drawings which are needed on site and will allow you to get work done faster!

Budget & Planning:

12. A good designer can keep you on budget and save your time and efforts. They knows where to go for all the resources. This saves your endless time in searching brands, products and prices.

Wide availability of Resources:

13. There are numerous varieties of new materials/products known to the designers which are not available to the general public in terms of resources, connections and general merchandise.

Contacts with Agencies:

14. In addition to the vendor resources, the designers also have contacts with home improvement contractors, which can save the homeowners time in finding reliable contractors.

15. Interior work involves lot of co-ordination with various work contractors like, civil contractor, plumber, electrical and false ceiling contractors, carpenter, aluminum steel fabricator, painter, glass works, tapestry man, and so on. To get work done in planned time, you need a good designer who deliver all drawings at a time and coordinates with various agencies.

Increase Resale value:

16. A good designer can potentially add a great value to the aesthetic of your house. This will add value and grandeur to the house and increase resale value and will allow the sale faster!

Health care:

17. If the furniture elements like chair, sofa, table, bed etc are not properly dimensioned, they will create orthopedic problem like back pain, etc.

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