9 Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Storage for Kitchen

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Kitchen is the room from where the basic necessity, the food is prepared & cooked for the family.  The space for kitchen should be such that there should be required amount of storage for containers, jars & other necessary items related to Kitchen.

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Followings are the things which should be keep in mind before planning storage for kitchen:

01. For perfect kitchen there should be adequate storage space in kitchen which can be provided by both above the counter and below the counter.

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02. There should be sufficient space such that stored items can be easily seen, grasped, reached, taken down, and put back without any strain. This can be easily achieved by having pull-outs shelves, sliding, trays etc.

Kitchen Storage- Pull Out Below the Counter
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Kitchen-Storage-Tray Shelves Below the Counter
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03. Storage space should be flexible enough to permit the arrangement of different sized containers for different items which is achieved by having adjustable shelves.

04. Crockery, Utensils, Food items etc can be stored closed to the work centres where easily used.

05. For elegant view of kitchen, unattractive items can be stores within solid shutters while attractive or designer crockery ware can be displayed and stored within glazed shutters so that they are easily visible.

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06. Overhead wall cabinet depth should not exceed to 0.35 meter (14” inch) to prevent head while cooking.

07. Minimum height between countertop and wall cabinet should be in between 0.45 meter (18” inch) to 0.60 meter (24” inch) which is allowed for easy working and to prevent head from while cooking.

08. It is advisable not to provide storage over stove, as it will get damaged. Instead there should be provision of chimney hood above stove at minimum height of 0.75 meter (30” inch).

09. Woman should be able to reach overhead storage shelves with maximum height of 2.00 meter (72” inch) above floor. If the overhead cabinet height is more than that it would be inconvenient and need a ladder or stool to reach which can cause small accidents.

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