Aims of Good Lighting in a House

Lighting is key element which helps to make your home alive! With the help of good light, one can perform his task easily. It makes you feel safer and more comfortable which allows you to enjoy your space with its best potential. Each space of house has a specific need of lighting.

Sun light is the most common and important source of light. Light is the one of the valuable resource from nature. It is the interesting thing, which surprises the scientist also for long time. Due to lack of direct knowledge, many of us are not aware of it.

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Uses of Day Light in Our Life:

01. Food

02. Vision

03. Colors

04. Maintenance of Temperature

05. Drying and Evaporation

06. Solar Energy

07. Signal System

Good lighting is necessary for all buildings and has three primary aims:

01. The first aim is to promote work and other activities carried out within the building.

02. The second aim is to promote the safety of the people using the building.

03. The third aim is to create, in conjunction with the structure and decoration, a pleasing environment conducive to interest of the occupants and a sense of their well-being.

Criteria to achieve good day light in house: 

  • Careful planning of the brightness and colour pattern within both the working areas and the surroundings so that attention is drawn naturally to the important areas, detail are seen quickly and accurately and the room is free from any sense of gloom or monotony.
Day Light
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  • Using directional lighting where appropriate to assist perception of task detail and to give good modelling.
  • Controlling direct glare and reflected glare from light sources to eliminate visual discomfort.
  • In artificial lighting installations, minimizing flicker from certain types of lamps and paying attention to the colour rendering properties of the light.
  • Correlating lighting throughout the building to prevent excessive differences between adjacent areas so as to reduce the risk of accidents; and
  • Installation of emergency lighting systems, where necessary.

The brightness pattern seen within an interior maybe considered as composed of three main parts:-

01. The task itself,

02. Immediate background of the task and

03. The general surroundings of walls, ceiling, floor, equipment and furnishings.

Good light give safety, security and it is also good for the health of users.

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