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The Dining room is the place where the family/guests sits together and enjoy their Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner. It is a place which naturally brings all family members together at particular or definite time, and is generally accessible from the living room and kitchen. The Dining room should be designed such that it facilitates a relaxed mood for enjoyable meals.

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Dining room activity involves:

  • Setting Up the Table,
  • Serving Food, Eating,
  • Cleaning Up After Meals,
  • Storing Cutlery and Crockery, etc.

In addition, the Dining room is also used for other activities like a Children’s play area or place for study and homework, Reading, Writing, Board Games, Entertainment, Sewing, Watching TV, Ironing clothes, etc.

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Enjoying a meal with family/friends is a significant part of our lives. Therefore, have a look at the below given criteria for dining room design to make sure that your mealtimes get the well-designed space.

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01. Number of persons to be seated for having Breakfast-lunch-dinner

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02. Seating arrangement

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03. Space used on table.

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04. Size and type/shape of furniture (table-chair)

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05. Space allowance for furniture (table-chair)

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06. Space around the furniture (table-chair) for passage and accessing

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07. Storage space for crockery, etc.

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08. Provision of wash basin near furniture

Dining room is primarily used for having meals; the activity in dining involves setting to tables, serving food, Eating, Cleaning utensils after meals, and storing crockery and cutlery. In addition, it is also used for other activities such as Play area for children, place for study – doing homework – Writing – Reading, Entertainment – Playing games, watching T.V., sewing, Ironing clothes, etc.

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Therefore the number of furniture units used in dining room includes:

Dining Table – The size of dining table varies according to room size and also for number of persons to be seated.

Dining Chairs – Depending upon on number of persons to use.

Serving Table – Between dinning and kitchen area for serving the meal.

Storage Cabinet – For storing cutlery, crockery ware and other items depending upon our requirement.

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