Aluminium Windows: All You Need to Know!

Windows are usually a lifetime proposition. It brings the outdoors in and helps you to connect with your exterior home for safety and security. Windows let in natural light during the day and allow for ventilation as well, which helps keep your home fresh and dry at all times.  It comes in a variety of different shapes, materials and sizes, i.e. wooden window, uPVC window, aluminium window, sliding window, etc. Among them, aluminium windows are the most popular types of window nowadays.

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The frame of aluminium windows is made of aluminium. Aluminium window frames are available in anodized and powder coated finishes, which are extremely durable. They are perfectly suited to both traditional and contemporary designed homes as they are more attractive and can add an impressive appearance.

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Aluminum windows control noise better than other types of window, and therefore they are widely used in schools, hospitals, etc. as they hardly leave any air gaps for sound to travel which normally happens with wooden windows.


Aluminium windows are lightweight but still strong.  It has extremely long life around 30 years or even more.


Aluminium can easily fabricated into any shape and can be sprayed with any colour you like. Therefore, you can get exactly the look you intend. Aluminium window frames come in different styles like casement, sliding frames, single and double hung window, tilt and turn, bi-fold window, etc.

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The aluminium windows can be easily recycled. This makes it one of the best materials to use when it comes to creating an environment-friendly window. Thus, aluminium windows help to reduce your impact on the environment and improve overall sustainability. Even as green material aluminium with recycled content is used.


Aluminium is not easily corroded. Over a year it may have slight effect.

UV Resistant:

The powder coating on aluminium window frame may discolour quickly; it does not have high UV resistance.

Insulation from Heat:

Aluminium is a good conductor of heat. Therefore cannot provide insulation from heat when there is a cold climate outside as heat will be lost through the aluminium window frame.

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Termite Resistance:

Aluminium windows do not attract termites.


Aluminium windows are easy to maintain. It requires painting after a long period of use.


The cost of the aluminium window depends on the size of the window. It is more costly as compared to uPVC windows, but cheaper than teak wood window.

Aluminium windows are ideal for homeowners who want a low maintenance window with high-performance levels at an affordable cost.  Aluminium windows make surrounding more bright and healthy.

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