How to Apply Wall Putty Before Paint?

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Wall putty is a well-known term used for a material with high plasticity, which is very similar in the texture of clay or dough and is typically used in domestic construction as a primer to colour or protective sub-layer to paint primer as well as a sealant or filler.

Wall putty is important for the hardness, durability and smooth finish of a wall surface prior to painting. It is a foundation of paint. It is therefore as important to prepare the surface for mixing and applying the wall putty.


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  • Ensure that the surface on which you apply putty is plastered or made with the cementitious material.
  • Give separate treatments or remedial measure for dampness, fungus, efflorescence, fungus, leakages etc. on your wall.
  • Ensure that surface is totally clean. It should be free from dust, loose particles, residual paints, grease, oil, wax or any other contamination.
  • Remove all loose or poorly adhering material from the surface by rubbing down using emery paper, wire brush or putty blade and thereafter wipe out.
  • Moisten the wall with sufficient quantity of clean water and allow them to dry before application of putty. Ensure that surface is just wet. Over wetting resulting in accumulation of water on a surface should be avoided.


Putty Mixing By Electric Mixer
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  • Mix the wall putty with required amount in a pan and add water to it in a 2:1 ratio or as per manufacturer suggestion.
  • Stir continuously by hand or an electric mixer for about 10-15 minutes. Mix thoroughly to get a creamy, paste-like consistency.
  • Avoid formation of lumps while mixing.
  • Prepare mix such that you intend to use it within the next two hours.


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  • Apply one coat of primer before the application of putty and dry it overnight. Some putty manufacturer’s recommend the application of primer before putty and some do not. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions as it might be governed by quality of putty.
  • Apply the first coat in a vertical “bottom to top” fashion by using a putty blade/spatula/ trowel or any finishing tool.
  • Leave the first coat dry completely for a minimum 6 to 8 hours.
  • After drying of the first coat of putty just rub the surface gently with emery paper in order to remove the loose particle.
  • After finishing the first coat start applying the second coat of putty on wall.
  • Leave the surface to dry completely for hours. After complete drying of second coat rub the surface very gently to remove unevenness with the help of using sand paper of not less than 500 number to get a glossy white surface.
  • The minimum thickness of the coats should be limited to maximum 1.5 mm. If it is thicker, it may peel off or cracks.
  • Drying time may vary according to the temperature, humidity and thickness. For instance, drying time will be significantly longer in cool and damp conditions and thick coating.

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