Importance of Building Physics for Professionals: Architects-Structural Engineers-MEP Consultants

Building science and building technology have rapidly developed in the last decade. Building professionals should be aware of problems or even damage due to condensation, high costs of energy for heating and cooling or poor sound insulation, poor daylight, leakage of water etc, have arisen due to neglect of a proper appreciation of building physics.

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The highly developed state of the art which has been reached in some areas of building science has clearly not been reached in those properties of building which are influenced by the rules of building physics. Building physics has not been introduced into building practice (design and execution) adequately. Any neglect of the principles of building physics has financial implications both for the private client as well as at national level. Subjects such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing and fire protection all influence the value of buildings to a great extent and the first of these plays a very significant role in reducing energy consumption (for example in middle and northern Europe energy consumption for space heating is about 30 to 50% of the total energy demand). Building physics is the foundation for the energy conservation measures in buildings and community systems, prevention of building damage and evaluation of durability of materials and building elements. The traditional way of considering the different building trade disciplines separately must cease.

All professions within the building trade have to deal with building physics problems and therefore need knowledge of the subject. This will help ensure:
  • Durable and sustainable structures free from defects, satisfying the demands of comfort and health.
  • The use of potential energy saving measures including consideration of “alternative” energy sources, environmental protection and use of renewable energy.
  • Economic use of new products and methods of construction without risks of defects and minimized running costs, even when the energy price climbs up further.
  • Utilization of the results of research in practice.
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