17 Common Problems You May Face While Buying the Flat/House

The common problems you face while buying flat/house may differ from person to person, as it is mainly depend on numerous variables i.e. personal preferences, budget and location etc… However, there are certain problems which are specific and common for flat/house purchaser. Also those problems have no impact on your choice of location (i.e. City Centre/Sub Urban) & category choice (i.e.  Affordable/Economical/Luxury).

Approval & Licences:

  • Whether the land on which the building is to be constructed has been made N.A. (Non Agriculture) or not?
  • Whether the plans are approved or not by the competent authority.
  • As a buyer you should be aware of that whether the developer has obtained the construction permission or not.
  • As a buyer you should be aware of that whether the completion certificate has been obtained from competent authority or not.
  • It is probable that the completion certificate might have been issued but the construction might not have been carried out as per the approved plan.

What you see is what you get:

  • Lack of transparency in the technical as well as commercial conditions of the scheme in its attractive brochure.
  • Not observing transparency in addition or extra works other than or over and above promised in brochure or not observing transparency in such costs in case of change in specifications.
  • Not to allow any changes in internal construction as desired by the user/buyer though legally permissible.
  • Sometimes the developer/builder may manage the completion certificate half way on completion of the skeleton of the building while the changes in the approved plan might be done subsequently of which the buyer might not have any knowledge. e.g.: Covering balcony, covering area provided for parking etc.

Area Calculation

  • There is no transparent and declaration of correct carpet area, built up area and super built up area.

Penalty Clauses – For Late Possession:

  • Not handover the possession of the house in time or in promised time. The builder will be entitled to pay you a monthly penalty as stated in contract.
  • The timeline for the delivery of a project depends on various factors, i.e. heavy monsoon. Thus, most developers seek a 3-6 month grace period for final delivery of the project. This grace period should be mentioned in the contract you sign with developers.

Verify the Developer

  • Not to provide very important documents like conveyance deed of land, copy of approved plans, as built drawings, society registration documents, completion certificate etc.
  • The builder/developer may sale common terrace/terrace rights, parking or common land to third party or do some illegal work in such premises over which all the members have a common right.
  • The builder/developer might have collected the maintenance fund from all the buyers. However, while handing over the charge of the building to the society or Association of persons the builder might not handover such funds to the society/Association of persons.

Project Locality/Location:

  • The inadequate survey regarding the locality or neighbors may lend you in problems later on.

Bank Tie-ups:

  • Not to give required documents for availing housing loan on account of which the sanction of loan gets delayed and hence payment to the builder for which the builder will held the buyer responsible and may create unnecessary disputes including claim of interest.






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