27 Reasons to Invest in Park View City!

Park View City is one of the most renowned and luxurious housing society in the Islamabad region. Investors are attracted to it due to contemporary and innovative development accomplishment in Pakistan. It is situated in peaceful environment with trustworthy developers. It is learnt that people already living in the society are happy and satisfied.

Now, society has launched many new projects and blocks inside society. Further, it is an approved project by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). All of these facts convinced us that their marketing abilities and growth are up to the mark. Sky Marketing can confirm that today’s investment will definitely give fruitful profit gain in the next 3 years.

Given below are the 27 reasons to invest in Park View City housing society Islamabad:

01. Location:

The Park View City location is nearby Bahria Enclave Islamabad, surrounded by beautiful Bani Gala and is 15 minutes far from the main Islamabad city. The main entrance of the society is from Rawal Chowk side, and gate two entrance is from Bhara Kahu.

It is located on Malot Road with easy access from Kurri Road, 200ft wide road has been approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to make way for this project.

02. Prominent Developers:

An international construction company named Vision Group is being hired for the construction of this Park View City. The experienced engineers and local developers are hired for the construction of this project. Both the developer of the society Aleem Khan is well known political member of PTI. He has established and is having a good reputation in the market.

03. Master Plan:

Park view is perfectly planned. Its master planned is designed just according to the needs of citizens of Islamabad. It is divided into many blocks; some of them are earmarked for overseas and executive families only.

Park View City

04. Residential Areas in Park View City:

The Park view city is offering the best opportunity to buy your plot on easy installment. Currently, the PVC housing society is presenting residential plots and houses also. 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 5 Marlas, 8 Marlas, and 10 Marlas plots are available in the residential areas. People can build their homes themselves or developers can also design their homes.

05. Commercial Areas:

Park view city offers a vast range of commercial units also just like other societies, for example Blue World City, the plot sizes are the following:

  • 4 Marlas
  • 8 Marlas

The proposed development also include, motion picture studios, broadcast media, hotels, motels, conference centers, theme and amusement parks, fairs, campgrounds, parades, arenas, stadiums, aquariums, zoos, museums, convention centers, office and apartment buildings, condominiums, mixed-use facilities, self-storage, retail centers and districts, shopping malls, professional sports leagues and federations etc., in the commercial zone.

06. Commercial Downtown:

The commercial downtown is going to be the greatest commercial hub in the twin city. An exclusive feature of the downtown is its 200 Kanal big lake which is running inside the downtown and commercial area will be built around this lake. Many numbers of national and international brands will have their franchise in this area.

07. Posh Areas of Islamabad City:

Park view city is close to the posh areas of town. Commercial areas are satisfactorily developed. It is expected that it will be the future hub for economic action. Each of the upper-middle and top-class will soon have the ability to take pleasure in the poshest area of Islamabad.

08. 24/7 Security:

Park View City Housing Society guarantees the safety of the general public. It provides the latest safety methods and are equipped with the latest technology. For the safety of these residents, a unique police channel is likely be developed. The police station is planned for construction. The CCTV cameras casing will set up in the entry, commercial places, and the colossal variety of road lights. Thus, all of the security services shall be installed on a priority basis.

09. Facilities of Schools, Colleges And Research Centers are Available:

A good education is an urgent and important need of society. Keeping in mind, the society is developing colleges and research labs.

10. Hospitals and Medical Facilities:

Many health care services shall be provided to the residents of scheme. The facilities intended to be included are i.e. gynec, cardiology, dental, cancer, liver, kid and mother care, eye, kidney, orthopedics/hand, and operation. In addition to this, Park View City will offer experienced and well-equipped personnel for individuals care. Medical centers shall also be arranged in the society. Some free treatment shall also be additionally supplied to the deserving individuals, i.e. for therapy to cover the children’s infection-related ailments, provision of medication at concessional prices, ambulance for emergency timing, etc.

11. Hotels and Restaurants:

The society shall also provide a contemporary and luxurious hotel and restaurant facilities. The PVC government also advised that only five- and four-stars hotels will be developed from the business regions of society. The bidding for such luxury resorts is has already been released on the official site of the society. It will also boost the hospitality market.

12. Shuttle Services:

Society will also provide comfortable and economical transport. With this shuttle providers, the principal regions of the city likely be covered. The master program has been created and will be discussed with the customer shortly.

13. Special Food Street:

In the commercial areas of the society, an amazing food road shall be developed. So by the time, one will have the facility to consume one’s desirable dishes.

14. Sports Complex:

Sports complex is under construction in society. Additionally, soccer, watersports, and baseball grounds are designed. Each of the sports ground shall be developed according to international standards. The society is particularly focusing on the sports and especially international cricket to rear in the nation.

15. Mosques:

Jamia Masjid and sector masjids will be developed in society. The Islamic library is likely be constructed for the mosque for research. Independent space will probably be constructed for Imam and masjid personnel.

16. Villa Community Park:

To supply a nature-friendly surroundings and contemporary way of life, a villa community playground shall be assembled. The mention neighborhood park shall have unique, gorgeous views, paths, athletic grounds, and fascinating playgrounds. More notable activities likely be created, i.e. event halls, marriage halls, motion movie. The list of facilities, map of the society, booking info, and other related features shall also be displayed.

17. Zoo:

There will be recreational Zoo, too. The gorgeous and a serene environment will bring joy all around.

18. Cinema:

Park view city has planned to construct a 3D I-max cinema hall. The cinema is equipped with the latest technologies, screens, and digital audio system.

19. SPA Centers:

SPA is a cozy room where stressed persons can get relief and can relax. PVC introduced the SPA facilities for a lavish and tranquil life. Each of the services will be quite varied and according to the global standard.

20. Towers:

The PVC housing society has proposed towers at the major commercial area. The venture will generate many business prospects. What’s more, the job is started there will be job demand as a result of the enormous public demand.

21. Theme Park:

Park is essential for the enhancement of your mind and soul. Keeping in mind, the Park view city has proposed a theme park around your house and also for outsiders. This will create an enjoyable and healthy environment for the inhabitants of society.

22. Water Sports Park:

The PVC has also assured the water sports park within the society. The artwork shall be extensively distributed in the recreational area. Children, women, and men can enjoy their own separate water slides. This shall be enjoyed in the calm environment.

23. Grid Station:

Presently, Pakistan is facing load shedding associated difficulties. This electricity problem has badly influenced the nation. To overcome these problems, housing society is constructing their energy production units to maintain the energy requirements of its residents.

24. Entertainment Areas:

If we discuss amusement, society is constructing the high-class cinemas, amazing landscapes, golf clubs, children’s playgrounds, walking and running trails, and a lot more.

25. Easy Instalments:

Park View City is offering an affordable and simple installment plan. You can purchase any plot on simple installments.

26. Site Office:

The society is open to the most people. Outsiders can pay a visit to the site and obtain the required information. They will get all info i.e. plot cost, installments program, future strategy of the society, and anything else for customer satisfaction.

27. Dealers Enclave:

Authorities of Park View City provides an opportunity to almost 50 top-ranked property dealers for plot selling services to customers. They can visit and can reserve the plots from their real estate offices such as Sky Marketing.

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The Park View City shall be the top-notch housing society in the federal and Punjab district. It is presenting the perfect living package with amenities both for residential and business purposes. Due to its ideal site, it shall be the fiscal center of the region. We believe that, investing in Park View City housing society would be a clever choice.

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