3D Floor Ideas That Can Revamp Your Home!

No matter how stylish and sleek the wooden floorboards, marble or ceramic tiles look for your household flooring, a whole new world lies in front of you with the 3D flooring. What makes the 3D flooring so offbeat yet creative is the plethora of visual depiction giving the room floors a realistic look. 3D floors can be a representation of a place you love or long to visit such as a beach or a forest, some abstract symbols or patterns for an artistic delight and so on.

3D Floor Ideas

Quite popular these days, epoxy flooring with variegated textures and shapes makes walking in the room comfortable and enjoyable while lasting for years to come. Installation of epoxy flooring is more complicated than that of wood, glass, marble, ceramic and vinyl 3D flooring. The first stage of installation involves you to choose the image of the floor mural. The picture or painting should have the size of a minimum of 300 DPI.

A picture of the room floor where you wish to incorporate the 3D art should be taken at the precise angle with a good camera to get an idea of how it will look from the eye-level of a person with average height. The base layer should be free from any oil, dirt and debris. After adding the finishing coat, the 3D photo is pasted followed by an abrasion-resistant layer.

3D Floor Ideas for Your Homes

Let’s go through some of the awestruck 3D Floor ideas that can revamp your homes and make your floors eye appealing:

01. Beach Themed Flooring for A Tropical Vibe

Beach Themed Flooring in Bedroom

Beach Themed Flooring in Bathroom

Thalassophiles long to be near the sea and soak under the sun at the beach. When that is not possible, a beach-themed 3D floor can help. These flooring ideas look the best if installed in the bathroom with the proximity of water or bedroom as that is the cosiest place of your home.

You can use a beachside picture taken on a trip or get one customized by the tile inspector. The glassy sea surface, golden powdery beach, crashing waves and beachcombing elements like shells, crabs and conches can create an illusion that you are treading on the beach.

02. Take A Dive Underwater With Ocean Themed Flooring

Underwater Themed Flooring in Bathroom

Ocean - Underwater Themed Flooring in Bedroom

The underwater photographers, divers and marine enthusiasts, especially can relate more to the calming deep blue world beneath the ocean than the terrestrial world. If the underwater scenes interest you or remind you of a snorkelling and diving session, get a 3D art featuring the corals, reef fish, sharks, rays and other marine life lurking underwater. You can check out the high-definition underwater photographs taken by professionals or select one taken by you.

03. Add A Horror Touch With Predator Themed 3D Flooring

Horror Touch in Common Passage Flooring

Spooky Flooring Theme in Bathroom

While many homeowners find the horror-themed 3D flooring ideas negative for the subconscious mind, there are thrill-seeking owners specifically looking for something spooky. You can choose pictures like the magnanimous jaws of the shark, razor-sharp talons of a hawk or the menacing claws of a tiger, bear or other animals.

It is better to incorporate these ideas in your bedroom, game room, studio or workspace as guests or other members of your family might not be comfortable with the horror theme in the living room and common space.

04. Back To The Nature With Rustic Elements

Wooden bridges Themed Flooring in Bedroom

Natural Pond Themed Flooring in Living Room

From foliage to blossoms, dirt tracks to pebbled walkways, wooden bridges to rocky outgrowths, swampy waterbody to a gurgling waterfall –there are numerous natural elements that you can experiment with. You can even add different elements like reeds and pond to create a 3D ecosystem.

What is more, here are various geographical and geological formations that look stunning if used in 3D flooring. Relive your dream of visiting the Rainbow Mountains in Peru or the Moonland in Ladakh by creating a 3D landscape.

05. Abstract Art 3D Flooring

Abstract Art 3D Flooring

3D effect in Bathroom

There is no strict rule that your 3D floor should convey a real life idea like a natural formation or flora and fauna – that is where the abstract art comes in. Even if you are a layman, art enthusiasts can suggest various abstract art solutions that already have a 3D effect and would not be much complicated to install. Human features, colour splash, spray paint and several contemporary shapes, line and form can be considered according to your choice for living room, dining space, bedroom and bathroom.

06. Take A Space Journey With Astronomical Themed 3D Floor

Astronomical Themed 3D Floor

3D astronomical-themed floor

If astronomical objects and mysteries entice your senses, adding a 3D astronomical-themed floor can be enjoyable to you. As space and galactic theme tends to be dark, you should make sure that the room where you are installing the picture has light-coloured or contrasting wall colour and decor.

The pictures of the galaxy, Milky Way, constellations and solar system will add a vibrant touch to the room. For a mysterious vibe, you can experiment with themes like a black hole, lunar surface etc.

07. Optical Illusion 3D Flooring

Optical Illusion 3D Flooring

Optical Illusion 3D Flooring for walkway

One of the commonest ideas in 3D flooring consists of optical illusions as people love some drama in the monotonous routine life. A 3D painting of a room beneath the floor as a mirror image of your room or with different elements can be created to confuse your guests. With such optical illusion ideas, they might take time to understand that what they see is just a 3D painting on the floor and not real.

Spiral abyss, crevices, cracked earth surface, bridge or pole on burning lava are also some of the optical illusion themes used in many households.

08. Geometric Curves, Symbols and Patterns For 3D Flooring

Geometrical 3D Flooring

Geometrical 3D Flooring in Bathroom

Be it cubes or blocks, round balls or lines, curves or symbols –there are many geometrical features that you can add on the 3D floor to get a minimalist yet creative look. Rectangular tiles placed evenly or in an overlapping way will look just as aesthetic as individual cubes falling into the oblivion. The idea is to give the geometric figures some drama to get a 3D look.

Apart from these, you can also choose themes like science-fiction and technology, cityscape, architecture etc that are offbeat and will evoke your subconscious senses. You need thorough research to come up with the best picture or just paint a high-definition picture yourself to add some drama in Photoshop.

Just like 3D wallpaper art and wall paints, the 3D floors can be a blend of technology and creative genius. Instead of watching a conventional marble floor or wooden floor beneath your feet, why not enjoy some drama with a large-scale artistic feature?

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