5 Common Causes of Ladder Accidents in Construction Sites

Ladders are an essential tool on construction sites that commonly lead to accidents. If you fall off of a ladder while working, the injuries you sustain can be painful and render you unable to work.

Do you know what causes ladder accidents to happen on construction sites? In this article, Gharpedia shares some of the most common causes of ladder accidents in construction sites. Hence, you can avoid such mistakes to prevent any mishaps.

Common Causes of Ladder Accidents in Construction Sites

01. Ladder Not Placed on Level Ground

Every ladder needs to be placed on firm, level ground. Incorrectly placing the ladder can make it difficult to maintain balance. It can also cause the ladder to shift. If a project calls for a ladder to be placed on an incline, this can easily cause the person on the ladder to fall.

02. Missed the Bottom Rung While Descending

When someone up on a ladder climbs down, they may miss the bottom rung. It’s important to keep count of the steps or watch where you’re going while descending. If you’re not careful, you may step back, thinking that your foot will hit the ground. This can throw your balance off, leading to a fall. When other objects are near the base of the ladder, it can be extremely dangerous.

03. Overreaching at the Top

At the top of the ladder, something may be just out of your reach. You may not want to get down from the ladder to move it and then climb back up again, however, this can lead to a ladder accident. Avoid overreaching by keeping three points of contact with your ladder or another stable object. This will keep your weight balanced for ladder safety.

04. Using the Wrong Type of Ladder

Ladders that are too short for the job you’re trying to do can cause you to overreach and then fall. Additionally, there are weight limitations on ladders. Exceeding them can cause the rungs or rails to break and lead to a serious injury. Be mindful of how much the items weigh that you carry up with you on the ladder.

 You may also suffer an injury using a step ladder rather than an extension ladder. You should never stand on the top rung to reach higher or you could lose your balance, fall, and sustain an injury.

05. Using a Damaged Ladder

The use of a damaged ladder is one of the most common causes of ladder accidents in construction sites. Ladders that are broken, damaged, or worn can break while you’re on them, leading to a fall. It’s important to inspect the ladder before using it as all construction equipment must be maintained. It is also possible that the ladder could have been defective at the time of manufacturing.

What to Do If You Had a Ladder Accident at Your Construction Job

What to Do If You Had a Ladder Accident at Construction Site

Ladder accidents can lead to serious injuries that range from broken bones to traumatic brain injury. These accidents aren’t always the fault of the person climbing the ladder. At work, you should receive workers’ compensation, even if it was your own fault you fell off the ladder.

However, if your employer won’t file the claim or the ladder was defective, it’s important to contact a ladder accident attorney to help you get compensation for your injuries.

I hope these causes of ladder accidents in construction sites are helpful. Avoiding these mistakes can control casualties during construction.

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