5 Ways to Make Your Student Accommodation Homely!


Starting university is one of the crucial chapters of your life where you step into adulthood and experience life with a fresh perspective. But this newfound independence can be challenging in some aspects, especially when you have to quit the comfort of your home to study overseas in an unfamiliar country.

This sudden change in your life can be daunting at first, as you will be bound to be homesick and go through bouts of culture shock initially. But don’t worry! There are certainly ways to feel at home, and one such is to make your student room feel more homely. Do you often think, how to make student room homely?

So whether you’re planning to shift into a university dorm or private accommodation, such as a student apartment in London, follow these five creative tips and tricks to make your student accommodation cozy and comfortable even when you’re many miles away from home!

Light Up Your Student Room!

Lighting does play a massive role in making or breaking the room’s atmosphere. A well-lit room will make you more energized and focused while studying. On the other hand, for a relaxed and calm environment, fairy lights can do wonders and help you sleep better at night.

Light Up Your Student Room

Most likely, your student room will be equipped with one ceiling light fixture and a desk lamp. So, if you want to rejuvenate your mood according to different occasions and as a part of student home décor, spend your money on buying some good lights like string lights, a reading light, or a bedside lamp.

Rearrange the Furniture

Out of all, one of the best ways for student room ideas with some style and personal touch is by rearranging its furniture. However, some student housing and university dorms have desks and beds nailed to the wall, thus making them difficult to move.

Rearranging Furniture

But if you have the option to move your furniture freely, you should make your room different from other students’ room, which is typically laid out in a similar fashion! For instance, you can move your desk near a window to soak up and study in the sunlight which can be utmost effective way from all the student bedroom ideas.

Make Your Student Room Smell Good

Whether it is a Student Home décor or any other living space, Smell has a strong impact on our emotions that can affect our mood. A pleasing aroma has the power to enliven our spirits. In contrast, a bad one can instantly put us off. So whether your student room smells terrible or not, it is always a good idea to make your room smell fresh and lovely!

Make Your Student Room Smell Good

As a part of student house decorating ideas, you can buy scented candles, which come in various fragrances like lavender, rose, fresh bamboo, etc., and make your room smell so nice that even after a bad day at university, your mood improves as soon as you smell that floral fragrance.

Also, an important thing to keep in mind is that some student accommodation may not allow you to bring candles for safety reasons. You can always buy a room freshener as an alternative in such cases.

Adding candles and room freshener will definitely enhance the ambience of your living space. Here, GharPedia shares a long list and which does not limits only to student accommodation home décor but applicable everywhere.

Get a House Plant

Whether you’re staying in private student accommodation in Glasgow or student housing in Birmingham, getting a houseplant is one of the most effective home décor for student ways to make your student room more homely and decorative. Moreover, they add oxygen to the room, which is also good while meditating and provide a soothing environment that can instantly elevate your mood.

House Plant

So go out and buy some houseplants, such as spider plants, ficus, peace lily, cactus, etc. Unlike garden plants, most house plants require little attention and don’t need much watering or trimming.

Add Some Personal Touch

The best way to make your student accommodation more cozy and comfortable is by adding a personal touch! And you can achieve it by hanging photos of your family and friends on the wall, adding new bedding and cushions, or placing your favourite band or celebrity posters for student room. There are ample of ideas for student room posters available in the market as well as online, so all you need to do is buy and paste it.

Posters on Walls

University dorms offer you a notice board where you can put up your timetables and your pictures and postcards which could be a good option for student house décor ideas. So ask your friends and family to exchange postcards with you and put them up on your notice board or wall in your room.


I hope the answer to your question, “how to make a dorm room more homely?” is justified in this article. It just takes few hacks which you need to follow and you are all set to move and live in student room. However, if you are still struggling to search out more cool things for a student house, take some time to read below article and help yourself.

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