7 Reasons to Get a Tankless Water Heater!

Looking to upgrade your existing water heating system? Tankless water heater is a new trend for all the modern homes. Earlier, water heater was consider as a bulkier and huge appliance with a complicated mechanism. However, with the invention of tankless water heater, we all have new perception for water heater. As the name suggest, it comes without tank that stores water. When we turn on the hot water tap, cold water passing through the pipe into the unit where either a gas burner or electric element heats it.

Generally, people were avoiding installing water heater because it is expansive and it’s maintenance cost is more.  However, here are 7 reasons as to why a tankless water heater might be the way to go.

Reasons to Choose Tankless Water Heater

01. Tankless Water Heater is Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Tankless Water Heater

Probably the most important reason to get a tankless water heater is that they are very energy efficient.

See, compared to more traditional water heating methods (like tank water heaters), a tankless system only heats the water as it is being used. This is significantly different from a tank water heater which actively heats the water and keeps it to a set temperature, ready for instant use. This creates standby energy loss.

A tankless water heater can be more than 30% efficient compared to traditional hot water heaters.

02. Tankless Water Heater Can Reward You in Long-Term Savings

With greater energy efficiency comes greater long-term savings. In fact, a family of 4 can save $100’s of dollars annually by switching to an ENERGY STAR certified tankless water heater.

Now, it is true that tankless water heaters are more expensive initially. Tankless water heater installation is pricier and models generally cost more. However, after 10 – 20 years, they will pay for itself and actually be cheaper than many tank water solutions.

On top of this, they usually last more than 20 years, so you will save money on maintenance and repair costs. Hence your life-cycle cost will be less.

03. Space Saving Heating System

Living in an apartment or smaller house? Then a tankless water heater is for you. They can be installed near the main water pipes and hoisted onto a wall. They typically range from 10 – 30 inches in length and 7 to 20 inches wide.

This is significantly smaller than a 50 – 80-gallon tank solution that can easily exceed 50 inches in height. These systems can be big enough that in many cases they need to be installed outside which jumps up the installation cost.

04. You will Get Hot Water Forever by Installing Tankless Water Heater!

Tankless Water Heater Outside the House

You love never-ending hot water right? Well since a tankless water heater heats water as you need it, you essentially never run out of hot water.

Just make sure you correctly size your heater to ensure that it can keep up with your hot water demands.

There are two key things you need to figure out in order to do this:

  • The maximum flow rate for each utility that may be used at once. For example, say you may use your kitchen faucet and showerhead at the same time. The kitchen tap is 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute) whilst the showerhead maxes out at 3.0 GPM. That means you need a tankless water heater that supports a flow rate of at least 4.5 GPM.
  • Temperature rise. Figure out the incoming water temperature and determine the maximum temperature you want it to be when exiting your taps. If you live in a cold environment, the temperature rise of your machine will have to be higher.

Your Best Picks provides a great guide on sizing your tankless water heater so you can ensure you’ll never encounter a sudden rush of cold water!

05. Ease in Maintenance of Tankless Water Heater

Maintenance of Tankless Water Heater

Most appliances that have water flowing through them will eventually suffer from scale build-up. And a tankless water heater is no different. Over time, a build-up of mineral deposits will eventually lead to lower efficiency and can damage the unit.

Performing descaling is a simple procedure to clear this problem up. Running something like vinegar is a perfect choice for this. However, it is best to read the manufacturers guidelines first.

06. Your Home will Sell Quicker and at a Higher Value

It’s important to know that eco-friendly homes sell quicker and are more valuable compared to traditional homes. A tankless water heater adds to this value since they are usually billed as an eco-friendly fixture. If down the line, you do decide to sell your home, it is likely that it will sell at a higher price and be on the market for less time. Thanks to the tankless water heater.

In fact, a study on the U.S. housing market found that homes with tankless water heaters sold for 4 percent more than their expected value and sold quicker as well.

07. Installing Tankless Water Heater will be Better for the Environment

As mentioned, a tankless water heater uses less energy compared to traditional water heating systems. In doing so, they are better for the environment and will lower your carbon footprint.

Final Thoughts

Tankless water heater have many advantages and there is certainly future with this water heating system. A tankless water heater will fulfill your family needs and demand and there is no fear that you will run out at the worst possible moment. If you are planning to replace your water heater, then consider tankless water heater as a good option.

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