7 Tips to Remove Colored Stain from Wooden Furniture

The colored stain on wooden furniture is caused due to various reasons. For example when you’re restyling the salvaged furniture, you see your old stains of ink, dye, nail polish etc. To remove stains from old/new wooden furniture you can try the following tried and successful tips:

 01. You can use dark colored stain to cover-up the lighter stain wood to look darker & will ultimately remove stains from your wooden furniture.
02. If your furniture is stained with Aniline dye, then you can simply remove stains by using bleach.
Note: You have to do this outdoors and you must also use a respirator or dust mask while doing it.
03. To remove the dark colored stain rings from the wood; first scrape the entire surface with sand paper, then make a solution (saturated) using oxalic acid crystals (wood bleach powder) and apply this solution over the surface by using synthetic brush. Apply it till the stain disappears.
Note: This treatment will raise the grains of wood, to resolve it use the sandpaper to smoothen the surface. While doing it wear mask and of course do it at outdoors.
04. If there is a colored stain of nail polish on your wooden furniture, then take a plastic knife with putty and lightly scrape the spill from the surface. By doing this the nail polish should slip easily from the wood. If the spill is stubborn and not removed, then apply a cloth which is dampened with hot water to the spill for a few seconds to loosen it, then proceed with the plastic putty knife.
Note: Be sure to use only a plastic knife.
05. The nail polish colored stain can also be removed by applying denatured alcohol to a cloth, & gently rubbing spill until it comes off.
Note: The Denatured alcohol (poisonous liquid – ethanol/methanol or also called as thinner) is also used to remove stains or paint from woodwork treated with polyurethane finish. Although denatured alcohol is milder than mineral spirits (paint thinner – naptha), which will remove all paints and stains, but be careful not to rub too hard or too long, as denatured alcohol will take up paint from the surface.
06. You can also use 0000-Grade fine stainless-steel wool to scrape away the dried nail polish. It is a very fine wool that will be tough enough to remove the spill from the wood, but soft enough not to damage the wood.
Note: By rubbing steel wool, If you take off some of the wood finish, then you can touch up the treated area with a wood touch-up products, such as a wooden Felt-tip Pens or wood finish stain marker.

07. If you find colored stain of ink on your wooden furniture, you can try out different products to remove stains from your wooden furniture, like by using dish detergent, baking soda, alcohol, tea oil, nail polish remover, Barbasol shaving cream, toothpaste, window cleaner, & vinegar. etc.
Note: Just keep in mind, while using any product to remove stains as mentioned above, it is a good idea to test in a non-noticeable area before going ahead with an entire piece of Wooden furniture, which will save you from unknown problem.

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