8 Basic House Services that Makes Your Life Comfortable

It is because of services; the users feel secured, happy and remain healthy. Construction of any new house not only requires a functional plan but it also needs basic life services to enjoy life in the building. To achieve that – everything inside the building which satisfies the basic need and makes it safe and comfortable comes under the title of ‘Building services’. Basically, it is a discipline which includes all the environmental systems that make a building usable and hygienic for living. Without services one may get the house structure ready, but it is never possible to make the home functional.

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The Services Without Which the House Doesn’t Become Functional:

01. Water supply:

The following factors need to be considered:

  • Source of water: whether there is a municipal supply or you will have to do bore well or fetch it from a far of place by tankers or similar tough sources.
  • Quantity: Demand of Water

In residence we need water for drinking, bathing, washing, flushing of toilets, gardening, air conditioning, etc. In public buildings like, institute, industries water is needed for street washing, flushing of sewer and watering the parks, etc.

  • Distribution System – for building

Following are stages of water supply in building,

a) Tapping water from mains.

b) Water meter with non return valve

c) Underground storage tank

d) Pump with non return valve to pump it to overhead tank.

e) Overhead storage tank

f) Connection to individual units.

02. Drainage :

The bathroom, toilet, wash basin, sink, etc are important components of a house. By using all of them we generate waste water. The waste water from all this is disposed into a municipal sewer properly. So, it is necessary to design and construct a proper system for it. This system is known as the drainage system.

It is an arrangement provided to collect waste water and soil waste through drain and to join it either to a public sewer or to a domestic septic tank and soak pit.


  • Main aim is to maintain healthy condition in and around the house or building.
  • To dispose waste water as quickly & as early as possible.
  • It also stops the odour entering the house from the sewer or domestic septic tank.

03. Electrical System:

Electricity is necessary in home to operate lights, fans, refrigerator, washing machine, and other accessories etc. From local power supplying system, electricity will travel to individual homes.

The main component in home is the energy meter, the main breaker panel, the circuits & ground fault circuit (GFC).

04. Air Conditioning & Heating for Artificial Ventilation:

In today’s lifestyle, everyone wants health and comfort hand in hand. All home owners and even renters need a convenient & comfortable indoor environment, where they can relax and recharge themselves.


  • This safeguards you from chilling & sweltering.
  • It will help you to stay comfortable.
  • It improves your indoor air quality.
  • HVAC helps you to save energy.
  • This system enhances your lifestyle.

We know that we cannot control the natural weather but we can control indoor temperature and humidity by using HVAC system and protect ourselves.

05. Gas Line:

Gas line is used to heat water and to cook food for the family.

06. Fire Safety, Detection & Protection:

Fire is a tragic occurrence that can upset your life. It can be highly dangerous and even deadly. So it is important for everyone to have proper prevention as well as protection system. For better prevention, smoke detectors should be installed in each room of the home, especially in kitchen and bedroom. Keep fire extinguishers at a known place and ensure that every family member knows how to use it. Children should also be aware of the emergency number for fire assistance.

07. Communication Services:

Communication services include – Telephone, Internet, Television, etc.

08. Security and Alarm Systems for Safety in House:

Everyone wants their home to be a safe and secure place. It is not just about the house fire and break ins.

Hence, services are core for any building and need to be designed and executed with care.

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