8 Fundamental Building Physics Requirements that the House Must Fulfill

Building physics is important for professional to acquire a knowledge to integrate & develop the design methods that lead to a comfortable, healthy, sustainable & productive indoor & outdoor environment.

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Here are the fundamentals of building physics that the house must fulfill:

01. Daylight:

  • Sun and sky
  • Radiation and light diffusion
  • Visually physiological fundamentals
  • Daylight and lighting
  • Advantages and disadvantages of daylight lighting

02. Indoor & Outdoor Climate:

a) Indoor

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air velocity
  • Air quality
  • Comfort criteria
  • Radiation and Light diffusion
  • Visually Physiological Fundamentals
  • Daylight and Lighting
  • Advantages & disadvantages of Daylight lighting
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b) Outdoor

  • Temperature
  • Solar radiation
  • Sol-air-temperature
  • Long-wave radiation
  • Wind & Wind pressure
  • Rain & Snow
  • Humidity and Moisture, Precipitation

03. Thermal Insulation & Energy Conservation Design:

With respect to: Comfort of the inhabitants,  

                          The construction,

                          Energy consumption (economic aspects)

  • Principles of steady-state heat transfer
  • Two- and three-dimensional heat transfer (thermal bridges)
  • Heat balances
  • Energy conservation
  • Non-steady state thermal insulation performance (heat storage capacity of the structure and the fabric of the building)
  • Thermal characteristics of materials and building elements
  • Additional insulation
  • Solar energy use by design (active solar energy, passive solar energy)
  • Thermal load of building components
  • Thermal insulation in different climates
  • National requirements for thermal insulation and their fulfillment

04. Moisture:

  • Moisture content in air and in materials, moisture absorption
  • Principles of moisture transfer, vapour flow, water flow, moisture convection, theory and calculations
  • Moisture characteristics of materials and building elements
  • Moisture balances in building elements, condensation
  • Critical moisture content, criteria for moisture damage
  • Structural measures in accordance with moisture transmission
  • Sealing of structures against ground water, moisture, rain, snow
  • Effects of driving rain, ground water
  • Principles for moisture design

05. Air flow & Ventilation:

  • Principles of air flow in buildings
  • Air flow characteristics of materials and building elements
  • Air flow in building elements
  • Air flow in buildings, natural ventilation
  • Aerodynamics around buildings
  • Stack effects
  • Mechanical ventilation, heat recovery, etc.
  • Effects of air flow on thermal insulation
  • Minimum required air change rate (with respect to different climates and especially hot humid climates)
  • Ventilation of buildings by wind catchers (above roofs)

06. Acoustics & Sound Insulation:

  • Principles of sound and sound propagation
  • Physiological acoustics
  • Outdoor sound propagation (environmental noise)
  • Sound propagation in rooms (room acoustics)
  • Airborne sound insulation
  • Impact sound insulation
  • Noise control for sanitary installations
  • Environmental noise control
  • National requirements for sound insulation and their fulfillment

07. Fire:

  • Fire protection, principles, necessity and aims
  • Design and structures with respect to fire protection
  • Behaviour of building materials and building components in fires
  • Restoration of fire-damaged buildings
  • National requirements for structural fire protection and how they are achieved

08. Building Physics in Town Planning:

  • The role of building physics in town planning
  • Fundamentals of meteorology
  • Aerodynamics around buildings
  • Heat and moisture balance of built-up areas and areas not covered by buildings
  • Air pollution (emission of central heating plants, chimneys, etc.)
  • Noise control
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