When Do You Need AC Repair Service in West Chester?

AC Repair Service

Maintenance, they say, is preferable to repair. Most times our air conditioning unit gives us some signals, indicating signs of malfunction. These signs could be ignored if you don’t understand them. Although West Chester is a beautiful and serene area, during summer it could get really hot, especially within early and mid-June.

Therefore, ensuring that your unit is running perfectly is the best as you don’t want to take a beating from the heat. Understanding the signs that your AC needs urgent servicing is particularly important. In this article, we will be looking at some issues you might face while using your AC that indicate you need to carry out some repair. You can click here to see how people in West Chester cope during a heatwave.

Signs Your AC Needs Repair Service in West Chester

The following signs show that you need to repair your unit:

01. Leaking Refrigerant

AC Refrigerant Leak

You just refilled your air conditioner’s coolant and it’s already low? This might be a case of leaking refrigerant. If this is the case, then you require a professional service technician in West Chester to fix the leaks, test for other leaking areas and refill the unit with the right amount of coolant.

Merely refilling the unit with coolant will not solve the issue. Also, ignoring this issue can result in further damage to your AC, which could also result in increased repair costs. In addition, coolants exposed to the environment may be harmful. It is important to ensure a professional technician handles the job as you do not want to run into problems later.

02. Compressor Problem

AC Compressor Problem

The part of the air conditioner that is responsible for the exchange of heat within the house and the supply of cool air is the compressor. It supplies the refrigerant with energy and circulates it through its coils. If this part malfunctions, our rooms won’t be supplied with cold air as intended.

When the air conditioner is low on coolant, the compressor could stop working due to overheating. Also, when the coolant is in excess, it is deposited back to the compressor resulting in a compressor failure. You can visit https://homeguides.sfgate.com/hvac-compressor-work-82114.html to know more about how an HVAC compressor works.

03. Dirty Filters

Dirty AC Filter

Most times the filters in our unit are covered with dirt and dust. This reduces the performance of the AC and would require proper and immediate cleaning. Sometimes merely cleaning it will be enough but on some occasions, you must change the filters. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when changing the filter.

It is very simple to know when to clean or change your filter. You only need to flash your torchlight through the unit. If the light shone doesn’t reflect on the other end, it’s a clear indication that an immediate cleaning or replacement should be carried out. Failing to change or clean dirty filters will result in restriction of airflow and more dangerously, freezing of the AC.

04. Sensor Problem

AC Sensor Problem

The thermostat sensor is a part of the unit that controls temperature settings. It is responsible for monitoring the air temperature flowing through an evaporative coil in the AC. It is important to ensure that the sensor is in the proper position as a slight change can result in malfunction. Ensure it is not touching the coil but close to it. Also, be sure the thermostat is always turned on.

Other issues which people might face include those caused by wrong installation, wrong servicing, as well as inadequate maintenance. Wrongly installing a unit could be dangerous and lead to extra expenses as this could result in low airflow. Most times if the refrigerant amount used during installation doesn’t go along with the production specifications, the performance of your AC might be affected. This is referred to as a refrigerant charging issue.

An unqualified technician may not be able to identify this fault and may go ahead to make it worse by adding more refrigerant when it’s already in excess. Therefore, getting a qualified technician for Ac Repair in West Chester requires you to carry out proper research.


Homeowners face various issues while using air conditioners. However, the last thing you need is for your unit to stop working especially when it’s summer in West Chester. Therefore, ensure you carry out regular maintenance on your unit to prevent them from crashing.

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