4 Air Conditioner Maintenance and Care Tips


Just like every other appliance in your house, maintenance of air conditioners are also necessary. Air conditioners aren’t cheap, and when you have purchased one, you want to use it for several years. But if you don’t take proper care of your air conditioner as you take care of your car, you will constantly come across technical issues, and its life will be reduced to half. One of the best ways of improving the health of an air conditioner is to take better care of it and perform maintenance tasks regularly. This will not only help you keep your air conditioner safe, but it will also improve its performance.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Below mentioned few ac maintenance tips that will help you take better care of your air conditioner, let’s take a look:

01. Replace/Clean Your Air Conditioner Filters Regularly

Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning

The dirtier your AC filters are, the more time it will take to cool the room. It is essential for you to replace or clean air conditioner filters regularly. If your AC needs filter replacing, then replace it every month, and if it is washable, then you must wash it every three to four weeks. If you are looking to purchase a good quality filter with better efficiency, you can differentiate between them by focusing on the MERV of that filter. You can go for a higher MERV if you like, but keep in mind that the thicker the filter is, the more energy your AC will consume.

02. Fix AC Leaks

Repair Duct of AC using Metallic Foil Tape

The ducts of your AC can lose more than 30 percent air if there is a leak somewhere. This will result in more energy consumption, and the air conditioner would not be able to perform well. So, if you are suspecting that there is your ac leak somewhere, you can confirm that with the help of smoke. You can use a stick of incense to spot the leakage point. Just burn the stick and hold it close to the air ducts if the smoke blows then it means there is a leakage. You can try fixing the leakage on your own with the help of a foil tape or duct mastic if the leak is big. If you are not able to spot the leak, then it is better to call an air conditioner repair technician.

03. Take Advantage of the Timer During Air Conditioner Maintenance

Thermostat for Air Conditioner

A common mistake we make with air conditioners is that we blast them on full the entire day. While you can use it at a maximum when you are home, you should change the temperature when you are going outside for work or any other thing. You can use a thermostat for central air conditioners, which will change the temperature automatically when you are not at home. You can also use the timer feature in your air conditioner and can set hours in which you need it to be active. That way, your AC won’t be burdened too much and is less likely to experience a technical fault. Also, this will reduce energy consumption and your electricity bill will be reduced significantly.

04. Service Your Compressor/Condenser or AC Compressor Maintenance

AC Compressor Maintenance

The compressor or condenser of your air conditioner is usually located outside the house, and it also needs your care. Before you start prepare for AC compressor maintenance, first, you need to make sure that there is nothing in the air conditioner’s direction for at least 2 feet on all sides. Next, make sure that it is not getting interrupted by nearby shrubs, a tree, or any other object. You should also clean the unit regularly, so it doesn’t accumulate dust and gets damaged easily. You need to protect from the sun as well, so it is recommended that you install it on the north-east side of the house or build a shield to save it from sun rays.

In the end, these ac maintenance tips might be helpful for you. Proper AC maintenance can keep you comfortable during the hottest days of summer. Moreover, it can save you energy and money.

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