All You Want to Know About Foam Glass

  • Contains 350 million inert air cells per cum.
  • Hence it floats in water and it can be cut easily like wood.
  • A light, opaque, black, cellular glass made by adding powdered carbon to crushed glass and firing the mixture.
  • Fire proof, rigid and an excellent heat insulator.
  • Good thermal and acoustic insulator.
  • Also known as Cellular Glass.
  • It is lightweight and has fine, watertight pores that make it an exceptional barrier against moisture, humidity and debris.
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  • Used in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry, as a substitute for cork.
  • Used in Flooring.
  • Used as a Substitute for partition.
  • Used as a Corning.
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Size & Thickness:

Thickness varying from 30mm to 150mm 

Manufacturing Process:

  • Prepared in the form of rectangular blocks
  • Foamed glass is manufactured using a process that traps gas bubbles in the glass, creating an expanded material with a spongy consistency.

Steps to Make Foam Glass:

  • Using industrial glass crusher, first clean and crush recycled glass material.
  • Use enough glass to fill the glass furnace to capacity for time and cost efficiency.
  • Use glass that has a similar expansion coefficient for best results. The temperatures at which the glass melts and re-solidifies.
  • Mix crushed glass with powdered cullet that adds strength to the glass and with a carbon based material such as coal powder.
  • The carbon reacts with the glass to create carbon dioxide, which develop a foam consistency with a volume approximately 15 times that of the original crushed glass.
  • Place the crushed glass mixture on heat tolerant kiln forms with an anti sticking agent.
  • Load the kiln forms onto the roller conveyor to a high temperature tunnel furnace.
  • The glass should be heated to 1,000 to 1,300 degrees Celsius.
  • Slowly cool or anneal the foamed glass.
  • Gases allowing the glass to expand while heating and then stabilize during cooling.
  • The finished product will be pumice stone.
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