Amenities in Real Estate Developments!

In recent years, amenities have become a trend in real estate developments. From parking spaces and 24-hour security to spa and daycare for your pet, having everything within reach, and enjoying luxuries and comforts without leaving the building, is a great attraction for people looking to improve their quality of life. 

An excellent advantage of the amenities is that they help create community, for example, taking your pet to daycare. On the other hand, they also add value to the property to increase its surplus value or make it more viable for vacation rentals. 

The range of amenities increases over time, adapting to the new needs for recreation and relaxation. Today we find spas, nurseries, gyms, and even bars. That is why more and more developers are concerned that buildings have the amenities for their inhabitants to enjoy the lifestyle they want. 

What are the Amenities in Real Estate Developments?

The amenities in real estate developments arise from a real need for recreation and social integration. It is considered that they are all the elements that make the space a more comfortable, pleasant, and of course, pleasant place. 

The amenities can be focused on basic needs such as security and green areas. They can also focus on offering spaces that increase comfort and where their inhabitants can relax. This is the case of the courts and spas, for example, within the most luxurious developments that are part of the plus housing. 

Having amenities considerably increases the surplus-value, increasing its value and distinguishing it from other similar properties. 

Examples of Amenities in Real Estate Developments

Consider these basic real estate amenities list if you plan to buy an apartment:

Home Security
  • Security: It can be 24-hour security, security only during the day, double guardhouse, or fingerprint entries. The goal is to protect you and your family within your home.
  • It is a shared or private space that allows you to have a barbecue and small green areas to enjoy with your family or friends.  
Children Play Area
  • Children’s play area: In most developments, you will find areas dedicated to children that can vary in a garden with games, a toy library, and even a nursery. 
  • Elevator: Having an elevator is considered an amenity because it allows easy access to different floors of the building. Some elevators even go directly to the apartment and not to the floor. 
  • Parking: This is an essential amenity for people with a car since mobility is very important in cities like Islamabad and Lahore. 
  • Warehouse: Many departments do not have the space to place things you do not want to leave insight into. For this reason, the developments include a cellar, mostly in the basement, as part of its amenities. 
Event Room
  • Event room: It is used to hold events scheduled in advance. In some places, they offer you the banquet as a separate service, and in others, you can bring your banquet.

If what you are looking for is luxury and greater comfort, there are also these amenities:

Pool Area
  • Pool: You will find two pools in some developments, one covered and one open. Regularly the roof will be the one that has access to classes.  
  • Gym: Having a gym within your residence will help you meet your goal of leading a more active life. It may only have the basic equipment for your training or a yoga or spinning room.
  • Tracks: Cycling or running. In the apartments for sale in Nova City that are more luxurious, you can find this amenity. 
  • Courts: There are to play tennis, paddle tennis, soccer or basketball. 
  • Business Center: They can be large rooms that are very useful for holding meetings. Also in some developments, more private rooms are offered to do home office.  
  • Daycare for dogs: So that your best friend is never left alone when you go out. Some developments allow special events with pets and the extra training service is paid for within the daycare. 

Other amenities that you will surely love and may not have imagined you could find in development are a bar, campfire area, beauty salon, sky lounge, spa, and steam room. 

Choose to buy an apartment with the amenities that best suit your needs and what you want in your home. Remember that these contribute positively to the profitability of a property and increase its value. 

If you want to live in a development with amenities, you can start by consulting for property in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. We also have more options of House for sale in Islamabad. This area has developments that have the perfect amenities for you to start a new lifestyle. Don’t forget that at Sky Marketing, we advise you comprehensively so that you can buy your next home quickly and safely.

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