Are Your Kitchen Cabinets Installed at Correct Height!

Breathing, Sleeping & Eating are the three most essential things needed for a survival! While air is free of cost & no effort or planning is required for breathing, and sleep comes naturally by your hard work, now about eating on which we need to pay special attention to!

Kitchen is the heart of the house. Whether small or large it is the hub of the home. It is where meals are created which fuels the mind, body & soul of our friends, family all over the world!

Kitchen Ergonomics
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In Kitchen, each Work Centre should have the adequate storage space, counter space, necessary utilities like water (hot /cold) and adequate lighting.

The main centers of activity in a Kitchen are the following:

  • Cleaning Area
  • Preparation Area
  • Cooking Area
  • Serving Area

The Woman mainly uses the kitchen counter or platform in the house for major times and its height and width should be such that the person can cook comfortably without any hassle.

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The lengths of kitchen counter or platform varies according to kitchen size.

When working in the kitchen, your spine should be straight to avoid strain on your back and you should avoid twisting your spine as much as possible. If your platform is low, it is difficult to keep your spine straight and a high platform leads to strain in your wrist and shoulder while you do the basic operations like chopping and stirring. To avoid this, it is recommended to make use of the height flexibility option as per given standards.

Height: – 0.85 meter to 0.92 meter (2’-9” to 3’-0”)

As if the woman are shorter or taller, than it is an exceptional case to change height according to their comfort.

Dimension of Kitchen Counter
The standard width of kitchen counter of platform should be:

Width: – 0.60 meter (2’-0”)

So that the required space can be comfortably reached and used by a woman. Now a days, larger stove sizes are available in the market so for that width can exceed till 0.75 meter (2’-6”).

Now, if we talk about Kitchen upper cabinet should be 2 meter (6’-6”)  which is more comfortable for woman to use cabinet without stool or any support.

Total Height of Kitchen Cabinet

A woman mainly uses kitchen upper cabinet and therefore the height of upper cabinet from countertop or platform should be in between 0.40 meter to 0.60 meter (18”inch to 24” inch) such that small appliances can get enough height to remove lid from a blender, food processor, coffee pot, etc. This height is also comfortable for cutting and slicing and at same time, it prevents head while cooking.

Height of Kitchen Upper Cabinet

The overhead kitchen cabinet is mainly used by a woman and its (bottom) height from floor should be in between 4’-7” to 4’-9” (1.40m to 1.47m).

Height: –  0.60 meter (2’-0”)

Depth: – 0.35 meter (1’-2”)

This height is more comfortable for woman to use upper cabinet while cooking on platform or counter.

These all dimensions are decided according to average height of women as per Neufert standards.

The Ergonomic thumb rule is that your elbows should be bent at 45 degree angle, when yours hands are resting on the countertop. If you try this and take the specific measurements, you will know the optimal counter height for your own size!

  • For those whose elbow height are below standard height, it is often found that 0.80meter (2′-8″) works well for countertop height.
  • For those whose height are above standard height, it is often found that o.97meter (3′-2″) to 1.00 (3′-3″) are usually more ideal.
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