Best Artificial Christmas Trees Ideas to Brighten up this Holiday 2019!!!

A beautiful green tree symbolizing the holiday season is probably the first thing when you think about Christmas. Fresh leaves are always charming, but they also need lots of maintenance. Isn’t it? Well, if you find yourself annoyed by all the needles of maintenance each year a real tree demands periodically, an artificial Christmas tree has tons of benefits including freeing yourself from maintenance worries.

The charm of a freshly cut Christmas tree has been tricky to replicate until now. Over the years, the design of artificial Christmas trees has been improved so much like a real one. Believe me, taking over a real tree with an artificial or fake Christmas tree won’t make your holiday festive unpleasant, as long as you pick a good quality tree.

Artificial Chrsitmas Tree Decoration Ideas

With so many places to buy, it can be challenging to find the best Christmas tree for your home. Their different types would drive you crazy which to buy? And the best part is now-a-days, they are so easy to set-up and are totally mess-free. You can get pre-lit Christmas tree with clear or colourful lights, fully decorated and snowy covered that makes them look more magical.

Artificial Christmas trees are much economical for your wallet, since you can reuse them year after year compared to expense of buying a real Christmas tree! Trust me, regardless of your style, any one from these best artificial Christmas trees will definitely make you proud to display this year!

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Best Artificial Christmas Tree Ideas

01. Pre-Lit Christmas Trees 

Do you know what is good about this pre-lit Christmas trees? You don’t need to add extra lights around tree. It is pre-made and yes, it is wonderfully done. Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees have LED lights hand-strung to the branches of tree to make your Christmas magical.

Pre lit Artificial christmas tree - Amazon

You can replace its bulbs easily in case of any damage or breakage. These Pre-lit LED trees are available in clear, multicolour or colour-changing effects, giving your Christmas tree more versatility.

Look at the 24-inch tall pre lit Christmas tree with red berry decorations and plastic base – available on Amazon.

Pre lit Christmas Tree - 24 inch height - Amazon

You may also like artificial fir pencil pre lit Christmas tree with metal base including 250 multi-colour incandescent mini lights. It is 78 inches tall and 28 inches in diameter.

Multi colour lights - 78 inch height and 28 inch diameter - Amazon

This dreamy snow frosted faux tree will make your Christmas holiday white. I think you may like to opt for this, especially if you live in a warm weather state. Go for it!

Pre lit flocked on green christmas tree - frostred white christmas tree - Amazon

02. Fibre Optic Christmas Trees 

This fibre optic Christmas trees is more in demand and look nicer. The fibre optic lights come from a singular source that is then transmitted and emitted through the numerous small fibres. Here the lights are not limited to only white, you can have multiple colours too.

Fibre optic Christmas Tree - amazon

But you have to also keep in mind that in case of any defective lights, the fibre optic lights are difficult to replace because they are built into the tree. You may need to replace the entire branch or tree if the lights are damaged.

You may also like to have your green Christmas tree with pre-lit LED fibre optic multi-colour lights.

Pre-lit LED fibre optic multi-colour lights - Christmas Tree

03. Tinsel Christmas Trees   

Silver colour looks very classy! It can be the reason why some people choose to have a shiny Christmas tree at home. The good thing about it is that, they are light reflectors and even if you don’t put-up the Christmas lights around it, they still seem to glow. Further, you can decorate it with your favourite Christmas ornaments. You can also go for other colours like pink, blue, golden, etc. They are much appealing when installed.

Tinsel Christmas Tree - Amazon

National Tree 6 Foot Silver Tinsel Tree with Metal Stand (TT33-700-60)

04. Metal Christmas Trees 

This metallic Christmas trees are strong as compared to other trees. They are with fixed branches and sometimes branches are bendable, so you can keep on changing its shapes as a natural tree. You can also hang your favourite ornaments on this tree. They are also available with adorning led lights. They are much suitable for homes and parties (indoor and outdoors both).

Metal Christmas Tree

05. Wall Christmas Trees  

People often raise a question – Why do some people set-up this wall Christmas tree?

It is because some people live in a place with a limited square footage area like a studio apartment or condo where space is constraint, it is an ideal solution. It is a space saver we can say!

Wall Christmas Tree

The best part is you won’t even have to worry, when there are running kids or pet in the house. There are many more wall Christmas tree ideas you will find in the market around. Whether you make it grand or something simple it is your choice.

You can also adorn your favourite ornaments over it. You can even get pre lit Christmas tree to hang on the wall, it’s cordless and powered by batteries. You can also set a timer that can lit for a required period.

Have a look on garland DIY wall Christmas tree.

06. Mini or Small Christmas Trees  

This is the best for tabletops. Usually, people who are too busy to decorate or who are living alone usually choose this option. This tabletop Christmas tree also works for those who already have huge trees and yet they still choose to put up the little tree on their dining table or living room tables for the festive mood setting.

Tabletop Chrsitmas Tree

Some of these tiny trees can be a DIY (do it yourself) project by using craft materials!

07. Ceramic – Artificial Christmas Trees  

Ceramics are very famous as small table topper Christmas trees. Though they are small, they are available in various sizes with lights. You can opt this small tree as a vintage to create your festive more striking by remembering the older days.

Ceramic Christmas Tree

Watch out the top ceramic Christmas tree ideas for this season.

08. Upside Down Christmas Trees

Isn’t it weird to hear ‘upside down Christmas tree’? But yes nowadays this type of Christmas trees are becoming popular and more eye-catching.

Upside Christmas Tree - 1

Upside down Christmas tree fully decorated with colourful ornaments and interior decors.

Upside Down Christmas Tree - 2

Upside down Christmas tree with minimal ornaments suits best for minimalist interiors.

Upside down Christmas tree with minimal ornaments suits best for minimalist interiors.

Upside down Christmas tree - minimalist interior

All in all, hope these artificial Christmas tree ideas will make a statement around your space this holiday. You are free to share your ideas about faux but creative and pleasing Christmas trees in our comment box. It would be our pleasure to add your creative ideas in our blog.

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