10 Refreshing Balcony Decoration Ideas

In the olden days, houses were single-storey structures with generous front yards and backyards. Many houses had internal, open-to-the-sky courtyards that breathed fresh air into the spaces. As architecture evolved, people started building two to three-storey structures, which gave birth to balconies as elements that brought light and ventilation inside. People quickly came up with many balcony decoration ideas to make their balconies attractive.

Balconies first appeared in Roman architecture and were purely functional at the time. Slowly, the form of a balcony evolved into numerous adaptations within different architectural styles. Balconies evolved from the bay window, also known as the oriel in British mansions, mash Rabia in Arabic architecture, or Jharokhas in Indo-Islamic architecture, into aesthetic elevational features.

Balconies are now precious pockets in cramped apartments and a sigh of relief in densely packed cities.  They are a piece of luxury and a rare blessing that connects one to the outside world. Here, we’ve listed 10 balcony decoration ideas to invite nature into your home by converting your balcony into a refreshing space for rejuvenation. In addition, you will find all the answers to balcony decoration queries, such as how to decorate a balcony with plants, different balcony accessories, balcony garden decoration items, balcony furniture ideas, etc.

Balcony: A Refreshing Escape

Balcony: A Refreshing Escape
Balcony: A Refreshing Escape

A balcony brings nature inside and provides an escape into the tranquil natural setting without leaving our homes. We get to experience birds chirping in the morning, the cool evening breeze, the supple warmth of the winter sun, and the picturesque view during the rains; a balcony is truly a place for natural therapy.

Balconies can be designed to be a secluded slice of heaven where you simply lounge, enjoy calming morning tea, and indulge in a relaxing glass of wine in the evening. Or, they can be an open and inviting reading nook or an extra dining space within your home- the possibilities are endless. These tiny spaces can also become cool hangouts for friends and family.

10 Refreshing Balcony Decoration Ideas

Here are 10 balcony decoration ideas that can transform your balcony into a personalised outdoor oasis. 

  1. Bring In The Outside Sky -Balcony Covering Ideas
  2. Balcony Decoration Ideas-Walk-In Woods 
  3. Bounce In Balcony- Balcony Seating Ideas
  4. Aromatic Bloom – Balcony Decoration With Plants
  5. Sustain With The Bamboo Family -Balcony Furniture Ideas
  6. Balcony MakeoverWith Pondy Pocket
  7. Simply-Sit-Balcony Seating Ideas
  8. Cold Café – Balcony Patio Furniture
  9. Fairy Nights- Balcony Lighting Ideas
  10. Fit-Bit Balcony – Balcony Decoration Ideas

01. Bring In The Outside Sky-Balcony Covering Ideas

Bring In The Outside Sky -Balcony Covering Ideas
Bring In The Outside Sky -Balcony Covering Ideas

Make the most of it if you have a stunning, postcard-worthy view from the balcony. But, even without a great view, your balconies are enchanting as they give a view of the sky. Open-to-the-sky balconies are great to have in your homes, as they take you close to nature.

You can frame this view using stunning roofs that add drama to the scenic landscape. The wooden pergola is one such example; it frames the view and creates a dramatic play of light and shadow within the space. While the warm tones of the flooring and furniture complement the pergola, the cool furnishings match the deep ocean hues. This combination of warm and cool tones creates an attractive and dramatic balcony design. There are various advantages as well as disadvantages of covering a balcony.

02. Balcony Decoration Ideas-Walk-In Woods

Balcony Decoration Ideas -Walk-In Woods
Balcony Decoration Ideas -Walk-In Woods

Incorporating natural elements into the space is a great way to make your balcony feel at one with the surroundings. Use wooden flooring to add earthy, warm tones. Complement the setting by adding lush greens. This makes the balcony look like a garden, irrespective of its size. Balcony accessories such as a boundary planter box with a hedge create an interesting transition for the edge of the space.

Depending on the size of your balcony, add small planters and hanging pots for small spaces. For large balconies, use a mix of types and sizes of trees, from large specimen trees and topiaries to small flowering scrubs. Use complementary wooden furniture for a sophisticated appeal.

03. Bounce In Balcony- Balcony Seating Ideas

Bounce In Balcony - Balcony Seating Ideas
Bounce In Balcony – Balcony Seating Ideas

Hanging chairs and hammocks are not just for the porch. Using them in your balcony space is a great way to create a cosy, playful reading or lounge space. You can peacefully relax in the hammock or chair and soak in the mesmerising view. These balcony seating ideas are perfect when you want to relax peacefully.

The boho aesthetics of this balcony is defined by the bouncy hanging chair, the vibrant rug, and the abundant plants. The vines give an ornate green appearance to the edges and elements. Balance the warm tones with the greens by incorporating colourful flowering plants and planters in the design. Finish the space with neutral paint and artwork.

04. Aromatic Bloom -Balcony Decoration With Plants

Balcony Decoration With Plants
Balcony Decoration With Plants

If you are wondering how to decorate a balcony with plants, here is the solution: Make your balcony colourful and aromatic by adding flowering plants as balcony accessories. Lining them up along the railing of your balcony can also spice up the exterior elevation. Flowering blossoms make your space look more vibrant. Do you know what’s better? They attract many tiny winged beauties, like butterflies, bees, and chirpy birds, into your space.

You can add these in conjunction with other non-flowering plants, as many flowering ones only blossom seasonally. You can also grow kitchen herbs on your balcony. Plant them carefully, and make an interesting display using them. Balcony decoration with plants adds life to your cosy balcony and enhances its look.

05. Sustain With The Bamboo Family-Balcony Furniture Ideas

Balcony Furniture Ideas
Balcony Furniture Ideas

Bamboo and cane furniture have taken over the interior design landscape. So why should your balcony lag? Jump on this trend to create a sustainable balcony design. You can decorate with a bamboo screen, furniture, and planters to bring a serene natural vibe to your space. Bamboo screens look pleasing to the eye while giving privacy to the user.

Bamboo and cane furniture look artistic and elegant. They generally have a sink-in feel. The same soft bamboo aesthetic can be carried over into soft furnishings such as jute rugs and planters. Neutral white walls and balcony furniture ideas allow the soft tones to take center stage in the space, creating this cosy haven.

06. Balcony Makeover With Pondy Pocket

Balcony Makeover With Pondy Pocket
Balcony Makeover With Pondy Pocket

If you want something exceptional on your balcony and you are ready to try your hands on a balcony makeover, use water elements like a lily pond or fishpond as the focal point of your design. These balcony garden decoration items make your balcony richer and make you feel closer to nature.

Water brings a sense of calmness and depth to your space. If you incorporate a fountain on your balcony, you can relax to the sound of flowing water. A lily pond can be a showstopper for your design. A fish pond can easily steal everyone’s attention, and it is a therapeutic sight.

While water is a great element to add to your balcony, it does come with a few conditions. It is crucial to examine whether the balcony can take the weight of the pond you want to build. It also requires additional services, like water supply and proper drainage, and needs maintenance. Don’t forget to have a look at our blog  14 Tips for Relaxing Balcony Design of Your House!, for more balcony ideas.

07. Simply-Sit- Balcony Seating Ideas

Simply-Sit- Balcony Seating Ideas
Simply-Sit- Balcony Seating Ideas

Sometimes it’s best to keep the space as simple as possible.  If you want your balcony space to be simple and minimal, add your favourite piece of furniture and proper lighting, then sit back and soak in the view.

You can go for a simple, elegant patio furniture set and add just a couple of planters. The walls and floor can be unified with one colour or have different natural textures. Throw in a few pillows or rugs to match the rustic vibe of the space.

08. Cold Café – Balcony Patio Furniture

Cold Café - Balcony Patio Furniture
Cold Café – Balcony Patio Furniture

Designing small balconies is tricky and requires innovative space-saving features like foldable and multipurpose furniture. Use balcony patio furniture such as sleek chairs and folding tables to create a cute cafe setup. You can either go bold with vibrant colours or minimal with rustic wooden furniture.

Adding floor seating and a few planters uplift the vibe of the space and are perfect for balcony decoration ideas. Use a balanced mix of soft and hard furnishings to create the ideal cafe-style balcony design.

09. Fairy Nights- Balcony Lighting Ideas

Balcony Lighting Ideas
Balcony Lighting Ideas

You can create a perfect date-night setup on your balcony by whipping up the ceiling with balcony lighting ideas. A string of lights can amp up your space, making it a cosy retreat. You can hang them on the ceiling, along the railing, or combine them with a canopy to create an intimate and moody space.

Aesthetic decor lights, string lights in a jar, or staple candles, further oomph up the space and are perfect for your balcony makeover. Earthy tones and minimal neutrals go well with this vibe. Combining a comfy chair, a minimal plant rack, planters, and a tribal rug and accessories create this intriguing space.

10. Fit-Bit Balcony – Balcony Decoration Ideas

Fit-Bit Balcony - Balcony Decoration Ideas
Fit-Bit Balcony – Balcony Decoration Ideas

If you have a small balcony and are wondering how to maximise the space, the best solution would be sleek, multipurpose built-in furniture. A bench can also double up as storage, maximising the available space.

You can also go for a modern, minimal aesthetic for your space. However, if you want a cushy space, create a rich blend of textures and colours. Start with warm wood flooring, white walls, and muted furniture. Complement that with vibrant plants and decor accents. Use quirky household elements like a ladder as a decor piece. Finish the space with some fairy lights and candles.

Balcony Decoration Ideas In A Nutshell

Balcony Decoration Ideas In A Nutshell
Balcony Decoration Ideas In A Nutshell

In today’s time, balconies are a blessing to have as a part of your home; be wise to use these worthy spaces to their full potential. To achieve the perfect balcony space, all you need to do is identify your utility requirements and design style. Use the ideas above to get inspired and reimagine rejuvenation at home.

FAQs Related To Balcony Decoration Ideas

01. Why is it Important to Treat Balconies?

Balconies have the potential to be your personal outdoor oasis. With proper treatment, you can transform them into a lounge space, reading nook, or outdoor hangout space.

02. How to Decorate your Balcony?

Introduce vibrant elements to your balcony space to transform it. Start with the flooring; wooden flooring or faux grass carpets look great. Introduce greens, use apt furniture, accessorise using lights, furnishings, etc.

03. How to Cover an Open Balcony with Balcony Shades?

Stylish balcony covering options include a pergola, an awning, outdoor umbrellas, laser-cut CNC, or metal sheets for the roof. For privacy from the street, try balcony covering ideas such as using screens made of bamboo or wood or going for intricate railings or walls. Balcony shades also protect the balcony from different weather conditions.

04. How to Decorate a Small Balcony on a Budget?

Use space-saving furniture like foldable table-chair; go for floor seating. Quirky household items like ladders can double up as plant racks and storage.

05. Which Colour is Best for a Balcony?

Irrespective of the design style you adopt, neutrals are always a good choice for a balcony. Go for whites or creams as they complement different design styles. You can also go for shades and hues of yellow and avoid dark colours on the balcony.  

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