9 Basics of Furniture Arrangement in Home!

Arranging your furniture can be both fun and exhausting. Deciding on the furniture arrangement may require time for good assessment since the layout is essential to secure the functionality and comfort of the room. Aside from the arrangement of furniture, the style also plays a big role in the overall look. If you are into Hamptons style furniture go and visit La Maison to find the perfect interior for your lifestyle. These prevailing scenarios will give you helpful information about furniture arrangements without compromising comfort in your area. Be it for your living room, dining area, or bedroom; it’s best to organize the furniture in each room.

Ideas for Furniture Arrangement

When it comes to styling rooms with furniture, you can see endless options available. You can make use of the following ideas when arranging furniture in a room:

01. Measure the Space

Measure the Space

One of the first things you should do is get the exact dimension of the room. Take note of the length and width, and try to be illustrative when getting the measurements.

To do this, you must draw a box and indicate the measurement for each side. This is going to be your floor plan. Securing a scale floor plan will help you manage the spaces in the room.

The simplest way of quantifying is to convert feet to inches at a ratio of 1 is to 1. Thus, if your living room measures 16′ x 10′, it will be converted to a 16″x 10″.

By knowing the measurement of the room, you can buy the right piece of furniture. You’ll also know whether to buy an l shape sofa or a rounded one.

02. Choose Small Furniture

After measuring the room, you’ll know which furniture to use. But whatever the size of the room, you must get small or medium-sized furniture. Even grandiose living rooms don’t have to feature large-scale furniture.

If you want to maximize the space in your room, you must get small-scale furniture. You can check around on stores as they often sell small but elegant furniture. Find small loveseats, settees, and chairs that are suitable to the size of your living room.

You can place the love seat in the middle fronting the bay window. Then, complete the setup by putting dainty tables on the sides.

Or you can also put a pair of armchair sits on the front of the sofa. Most importantly, accessorize the wall with an old recamier and place it diagonally across from your sofa.

If you are thinking to buy furniture according to your room measurements, you need not worry because we have some tips for you:

03. Prioritize Functionality


One of the reasons of why choosing small furniture is to maximize your space’s functionality. When you arrange your furniture, you must always consider the functionality of the room.

Although you might find it attractive to place the furniture far from the walls, you must also consider that your kids also need space for their playtime.

04. Follow the Flow

Yes, you might say that interior designing is an easy task, especially if you’ll be working on a clean slate. It could mean that you’re just about to move into a new house with empty rooms.

However, once you get all the furniture inside and you begin to figure out the arrangement, you’ll realize that what you thought was easy is not.

That’s because you should design a room considering your traffic trails. It’s helpful to know that when arranging furniture, less is sometimes more.

Thus, it’s best to maintain at least three feet of walking space between every piece of furniture. That’s why small furniture is a better choice, especially if you have a smaller space.

05. Position the Large Furniture First

Position the Large Furniture

Although small furniture is often preferred, you don’t have to neglect big furniture.

Ideally, the biggest item should face the main area directly as it develops visual balance. Once you’re done arranging the large pieces, you can then proceed on random items and arrange them accordingly. However, make sure that you don’t lose the functionality of the room.

You may also want to avoid driving the furniture against your walls. Thus, you may want to find a way to arrange the furniture with some gap from the wall as it can make your room vast and airy.

06. Follow a Symmetrical Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Symmetrical Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Aside from functionality, you must also determine the entry-drop spot of your room. You’ll need to secure a space for it when you begin with your furniture arrangement.

With an asymmetrical layout, you should consider placing the key seating furniture close to the fireplace area, or arranging the seats fronting each other.

You can also use the end tables to serve as the landing spaces as you put them on each side of the sofa. Lastly, neutralize the visual weight by adding chairs.

07. Find a Large Coffee Table

Large Coffee Table

When choosing a table, you may want a coffee table in bigger sizes. You can maximize the use of a large coffee table when you put it in the center of the seating area.

That way, it can also serve as your foothold for the entire area as it also offers guests more space for their drinks.

08. Distribute the Lighting

For any room, lighting is essential. You may want to install more sources of light if you currently have one source only. This can be done by layering the overhead light fixture with certain task lightings such as a side table lamp or floor lamp.

By doing so, you’ll feel the difference when you accentuate your room with good lighting. Thus, it makes the area appear bigger and feel more vibrant.

09. Place The Area Rug In The Center

Place The Area Rug

You can put a rug in a room as it’s the last element in your layout and the easiest among all elements. The rug is usually to be set in the center of the main seating area and should stretch a little bit more beyond your chairs and sofa. Doing so should tie the whole space together.

If there’s already carpet in your room, you may want to put a thicker rug on top to accessorize it. This may add more comfort and relaxation to your visitors.


Furniture arrangement is an important task. As a homeowner, you want to see your room well organized. Arrange your furniture in such a way that it improves your setting. However, it would be best if you also remember that functionality is an important consideration.

By taking time to understand the ideas on how to arrange your furniture effectively, you can be assured that you’ll maximize every single space in the area. Thus, you may want to consider the following tips above. Start now, and see how it can change the beauty and comfort of your room.

We hope that you grabbed the basics of furniture arrangement from our article. After reading, if you are planning to buy some furniture online for your home, here we share an informative blog before you start searching furniture online:

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