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Cost estimation plays a large role in bids, determining whether your proposal can win you a contract. Builders and contractors, for most part, usually take part in bidding processes whenever clients advertise a project. Construction estimating is the process of approximating as well as detailing costs that are associated with a building project.

Contractors aim to achieve the right estimates to impress project owners and win bids. Besides, underestimations as well as overestimations can lead to the loss of money or competitive bids. For this reason, companies offer construction estimating services, and consumers can also hire trusted consultants from their website.

Here are the best construction estimating software in the construction industry.

01. Stack Estimating Software

Stack Estimating Software

Stack is a construction estimating software created by contractors and most useful for the preconstruction process. The software is not that expensive and perfect for small businesses that want to avoid risks of estimates errors. With a simple-to-use profile, stack offers a bidding platform, project reporting, plan room management, material quantity estimation, and take off.

Stack has a free trial and three payment plans charged annually. With the ability to access this software on any device, it is convenient for any contractor to manage estimates and plan even while on-site.

02. Cost Certified

Cost Certified

It is a construction estimating software by Cost Certified that is great for builders carrying out renovation, remodeling, and construction materials supply companies. The platform has an ecommerce feature that can be used by consumers, manufacturers, and contractors. All parties can interact within the platform transparently, discuss estimates, make changes to projects by upgrading or downgrading, and track real-time price changes.

Additionally, Cost Certified has a built-in financial management system that enhances transparency in payments, promoting continuous workflow. It also reduces payment fraud risks for both contractors and consumers.

03. CoConstruct – An Estimating Software


CoConstruct is a popular software in the construction industry, with more estimation features than the other applications in this list. The software has a paid plan for up to $299 with unlimited users. The constructors can choose the software in a web form, iOS, and android mobile devices.

CoConstruct enables users to create single-entry estimating, share files with clients for easy communications and review and coordinate projects. Other features include templates for proposals, streamlining bidding, easy timesheet management and to-do tracking. CoConstruct is also well known for its integration with accounting apps such as QuickBooks Premier Cloud Hosting etc. It can also be accessed remotely through a Hosted Desktop to maximize the productivity.

04. Esticom


Esticom is a cloud-based construction estimating software, which you do not need to download to use it. The software is one of the best construction software that even serves civil works estimating projects. With a few clicks, Esticom enables users to estimate material quantities and project building costs. This cloud-based software quickly streamlines takeoff and offers cost estimates for electrical, HVAC, plumbing, cabling, and fire safety.

Some of its features include project analytics, accounting integration, bid management, project templates, and construction takeoff. The software is web-based and requires users to create an account on the website. It is also compatible with all devices, including mobile computing devices.

05. Square Takeoff

Square Takeoff

Square Takeoff is a web-based software that estimates construction project materials and labor costs. The application is available on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Square Takeoff enables contractors to quickly estimate construction costs for bidding by simply uploading plans into the platform and generating a PDF document for takeoff. It also allows you to input your values to create an accurate bidding rate for good profit margins. Other features include customized templates useful for bid proposal preparations and a share button to send your estimates to clients for review.

Bonus from GharPedia – The below described software is perhaps the first in industry. Have a look at it,

06. 1MNT


1MNT is the software based service perhaps first in industry which generate exact quantities, bills for contractors and estimate profits using basic CAD based drawings on day zero. The software apart from Bill of Quantities and Measurement sheet, generates tonnes of data as “Management Information System” acting as an innovative tool, eliminating the tedious, time-consuming, inaccurate, and costly process of bill preparation by civil building contractors. It is customized for contracts in India based on technology popular in India.

1MNT gives detailed materials as well as labour requirements including plumbing fixtures like, tees, bends, elbows, union etc. It also offers details of building hardware like the number of screws etc. The software also gives formwork requirements, machine hour requirement of Plant & machinery, including no. of labour required for a given task. It also performs a detailed cost analysis of RCC works, analyzing cost of concrete, steel and form work inter-se. It provides data for construction management software.


In this digital era, construction estimating software with a suite of tools helps the contractors approximate construction costs fast and correctly. These programs use blueprints and project drawings to determine materials used from project takeoff to completion and calculate costs. The benefits of using these estimation software cannot be underrated in streamlining budgeting and predicting overall project success.

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