Expert Tips: Where to Install Your Split AC for Optimal Cooling

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Are you confused about where to place the AC indoor unit? Do you think that the placement of wall wall-mounted AC unit will make a difference to the cooling in your room? How tricky can it be to place the wall-mounted air conditioning unit or indoor unit in different layouts? If all these questions are stressing you out …Gharpedia reveals to you the location of a split AC unit in your space. Before getting into these details, let us understand in brief about air conditioning and the advantages of split AC units.

Advantages of Split AC Units

The following are the advantages of split AC or wall-mounted AC:

01. Wall-mounted AC saves a lot of space as it is installed high on the walls, freeing up floor space. It works well in small homes and offices.

02. As these are wall-mounted, no appliance is blocking your view from the outside, leaving you with the leeway to open your windows for fresh air. Hence, you can do a split AC installation on the most convenient part of the wall.

03. Wall-mount air conditioners have a higher safety quotient because they are difficult to dismantle.

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    04. They are more aesthetically pleasing, sleeker, and smaller than older, bulkier window air conditioner units. The sleek design of the modern wall air conditioner means that it can unobtrusively be placed in the room without compromising the amount of light or view from the window.

    05. As compared to central HVAC systems, which require disruption for installation, these wall-mounted units cause very little damage to decor during installation.

    06. A split-system air conditioner allows you to both heat and cool the room without needing a separate device. This versatility allows you to efficiently ensure that your room feels comfortable regardless of the time of year.

    07. It improves the home’s air quality by reducing allergens, dust, and bacteria. People with bad allergies benefit from wall-mounted AC.

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    Owing to the high humidity levels in tropical countries, air conditioners are an essential rather than a luxury. A critical point to remember here is where to install split AC units in a room to maximize their cooling.

    Tips to Select the Best Place to Install Split AC

    The location of your split AC unit is very crucial, as the right position of your indoor unit translates into the winning combination of efficient performance and cost-saving. Hence, you can have your wall-mounted air conditioning unit regulate the room temperature without costing you much by doing something as simple as selecting the proper place on your wall for your indoor AC unit.

    Check whether the wall meets the criteria for installing the indoor AC unit on it. If the wall passes the test, follow these tips to select the best place to install split AC on the basis of the layout of the room. These tips will definitely ensure the placement of wall mounted AC unit in your room turns out helpful to you:

    1. Place the AC unit away from heat sources, such as appliances emitting heat or any external portion that enjoys exposure to sunlight, etc. If you place the AC unit too close to these, then the thermostat will receive a false reading, leading to no cut-off of the compressor.
    2. Install the indoor AC where there is no interruption in the airflow from the unit. In short, do not place it behind any furniture or a door that will obstruct the flow from the unit. An interrupted flow in a unit can affect the lifespan of the AC.
    3. Place the indoor AC unit at a proper height, ensuring that it does not block the passageway. The ideal height of the indoor unit should be 7 feet from floor level for split type ACs. The indoor AC unit must be installed high on the wall to ensure that cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room.
    4. The indoor unit of the split AC should have at least 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) of free space around the top and sides to ensure proper airflow. Inhibiting air flow may make it more difficult to release heat. This increases your air conditioner’s operating costs. It may also damage the compressor.
    5. Try installing the indoor AC unit away from electrical appliances. A split AC unit above an electrical appliance can cause unwanted trouble by leaking water into the unit.
    6. The central location of an AC unit in a room can ensure a uniform flow throughout the room. The air flow from the unit falls at a distance of 3-5 feet (91-152 cm) from the unit, depending upon the range of the model. The furniture layout, the openings, the size, and the shape of a room govern the location of the AC.

    In the case of a rectangular room, place the indoor AC unit on the longer wall to trap the cooling in the room.

    If there are multiple openings in the room, then it is advisable to place the split AC unit in such a way that the flow hits a plain wall instead of hitting the wall with openings in it. The airflow towards the opening leads to more load on the compressor and, hence, more power consumption.

    In the case of a rectangular room with a wall length twice the width, place the indoor unit on the shorter wall to cover the long space of the room.

    Gharpedia advises placing two indoor AC units on the same wall for rooms with a length greater than 30 feet. Placing the AC units opposite each other can create non-uniform air circulation, leading to overloading one of the ACs.

    In rooms that do not have a rectangular shape, place the AC in the larger section of the room.

    07. Place the AC unit according to the furniture layout.

    We usually install the AC at the centre of the space we use and not at the centre of the wall. The aim is to create a uniform flow of air in the utilised space.

    We prefer receiving an indirect flow from the AC; as a direct flow from the AC can create a discomfort zone. Long-term direct flow can cause health problems like dry skin, pain in joints, sore throat, etc. For these reasons, it is advisable to place the AC on the farthest side wall of the bed in a bedroom.

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    On a final note, there are many permutations and combinations for the best place to install split AC, depending upon the openings, shape, size, and layout of a room. You need to understand the flow of an AC, try to trap the cool air, avoid leakage, and then zero in on the most suitable location of a split AC for your room. A wise step would be to tap the rich expertise of technicians by consulting them regarding where to place the AC indoor unit. The positive spin-offs of this practical strategy are many: comfort, less load on the AC unit, and a perceptible drop in electricity bills!

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