Tips to choose the Best Location for Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit in Room!

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit of Split AC:

Is locating your indoor AC is confusing you? Do you think that positioning the split AC unit will bring a difference to the cooling in your room? How tricky can it be placing the wall mounted air conditioning unit or indoor unit in different layouts? Here are answers to all your questions regarding the position of split AC unit in your space.

The location of your AC unit is very crucial as a right position of your indoor unit can give an efficiently working AC unit as well as cost-saving AC. Hence, you can have your wall mounted air conditioning unit regulating the room temperature without costing you much by just selecting the proper wall for your indoor AC unit.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit of Split AC
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Check whether the wall meets the criteria for installing the indoor AC unit on it. If the wall passes the test, follow the tips to select the wall for any layout of your room.

01. Locate the AC unit away from heat sources. Heat sources in a room can be any appliances like kitchenware or any external portion that has exposure to sunlight, etc.

  • If you locate them too close to the AC unit, the thermostat will receive a false reading leading to no cut-off of the compressor.

02. Locate the indoor AC where there is no interruption in the airflow from the unit.

  • In short, do not locate it behind any of the furniture or door that will obstruct the flow from the unit. An interrupted flow in a unit can affect the lifespan of the AC.

03. Locate the indoor AC unit at a proper height that it does not block the passageway. The ideal height of indoor unit shall be at 7 feet from floor level for split type ACs!

04. Try locating the indoor AC unit away from electrical appliances. Split AC unit above an electrical appliance can cause unwanted trouble by leaking water into the unit.

05. In any room, the central location of an AC unit can give a uniform flow throughout the room. But the air flow from the unit falls at a distance of 3-5 feet from the unit depending upon the range of the model. The furniture layout, the openings, the size and the shape of a room governs the AC location.

Placing AC on the Longer Wall

In case of rectangle room, the location of indoor AC unit should be preferably on the longer wall to trap the cooling in the room.

Four Different Layouts and Preferable AC Locations

If there are multiple openings in the room, then place the split AC unit in such a way that the flow hits a plain wall instead of hitting the wall having openings in it. The airflow towards the opening leads to more working of the compressor and hence more power consumption.

Four Different Layouts for Long Rooms and Preferable AC Locations

In case of a rectangle room with a wall-length twice larger than the width. Place the indoor unit on the shorter wall to cover the long space of the room.

Placing 2 ACs in a room

For rooms having a length more than 30 feet, we recommend placing two indoor AC units on the same wall. Placing the AC unit opposite to each other can create non-uniform air circulation leading to overload one of the AC.

Placing AC in a Weird Shape Room

In case of a room that has different areas and not a rectangle shape plan, locate the AC in larger space of the room.

06. Locate the AC unit according to furniture layout.

Placing AC According to Furniture Layout

We usually locate the AC in centre of the space we use and not in the centre of the wall. The aim is to create a uniform flow of air in the utilized space.

Placing AC according to Furniture Layout

We prefer receiving an indirect flow from AC. A direct flow from AC can create a discomfort zone. Long-term direct flow can cause health problems like dry skin, pain in joints, soring throat, etc. For a bedroom place the  AC on the farthest side-wall of the bed.

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Well, there are many permutations and combinations of the openings, shape, size and the layout of a room. You need to understand the flow of an AC, try to trap the cool air, avoid leakage and then decide the best suitable location for your room.

You should consult a technician for the best location of an AC unit for your room. After all, their experience can help you in locating the wall mounted air conditioning unit for your rooms.

So, be smart to select the best wall for the indoor unit (Split AC) to provide you with the best comfort without spending much of electricity bill!

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