Bifold Windows: Unfold To Enjoy Unrestricted Panoramic View!

Windows are the most important part of a house. They not only impart good aesthetics but also allow circulation of fresh air and ventilation in the house. Windows can be one of your home’s most attractive features, which give a feeling of openness and space to living areas. Different styles of windows provide different opening areas, which will vary in importance for individual needs.  Choosing the best window type, according to the situation will make your home more beautiful and comfortable.

There are so many different options available that it can be overwhelming to try to pick out the right one for your needs. The shape of a window can be square, rectangular, octagonal and even triangular also. There are different types of windows available in the market such as sliding windows, bifold windows, louvered windows, etc. Here we have given brief information on bifold windows, which homeowners should know before choosing the best window for your home.

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Bifold windows consist of two equal panels hinged together so that it opens up by folding the panels against each other. Depending upon the installation, the bifold panels can fold back against the wall. A bifold window folds back into a discrete stack when opened, leaving an opening unobstructed by beams or frames. Hence, bifold windows provide great breeze and unparalleled views outside. These stylish windows deliver an expansive feeling to the home.

Bifold windows are available as standard or in an Inline version, which folds back flush with the exterior/interior cladding. As the panels stack in a line, this type of window requires minimum clearance for opening. The windows can have in-swing opening or out-swing opening. These windows can have maximum 16 panels to provide a big opening. They are made up of various materials like wood, aluminium, PVC, etc.


Aluminium and wooden bifold windows are also becoming more common for use as corner windows in bedrooms. This allows an abundance of both natural light and controlled ventilation. As they provide unrestricted view, bifold windows are also used in conservatories, and in commercial place like restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. Although they provide unrestricted view, but at the same time they admit more amount of sunlight as compared to other types of windows. Hence, double glazed glass is recommended to install within the window frame. It is expensive as compared to other windows.

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