15 DIY Bird Feeder Designs for Small Balconies


Do you want to spruce up your balcony with chirpy birds in the golden light?

Installing a birdfeeder on your balcony might be a terrific way to welcome those charming aviary species into your home. Most of us remember spending our childhood afternoons in the yard, feeding house sparrows and pigeons. However, most urban areas are now congested, driving away our shy and winged friends. So, most homeowners are renovating their balconies with greenery to attract birds. But what if we want them to stay a bit longer? Bird feeders are an easy and affordable solution to this dilemma. You can buy customised feeders for different types of birds. But the expense might mount quickly. Instead, consider making your own feeders. There are beautiful bird feeder designs for small balconies that you can try.

We have curated a list of unique bird feeder designs for you to help you woo your chirpy mates.

Tips to Attract Birds to Your Balcony

01. Flowering Plants Container Garden

The secret to luring birds to a balcony is to draw their attention with an appealing piece of habitat. Selecting plants and flowers with colours and smells that draw birds is crucial. It’s even better if you can discover some brightly coloured plants that yield seeds. This will also supply food for them.

02. Treat your Windows with Bird’s Mesh

You have probably heard about birds hitting windows and getting hurt. If you want to create a welcoming ambiance for them, we must first ensure their safety. You can install soft mesh in front of the window panes. This will help birds bounce upward instead of bumping into the hard glass surface. You can also curate a small window garden for them and hand them a bird feeder for them to enjoy.

03. Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

You don’t want squirrels to eat up the precious nuts that you laid out for birds. But these smart squirrels are bound to take food from your balcony and hop away even before you notice. So, what do you do in such a scenario? One smart way to make your bird feeder squirrel-proof is to hang it from the ceiling.

15 DIY Birdfeeder Designs for Small Balconies

01. Classic Wooden Bird Feeder

Do you remember the classic wooden birdhouse of Tweety from Looney Toony Toons from childhood? Yes, you can replicate that same birdhouse using spare wooden boards in your house. Paint it in vibrant colours to attract birds. This DIY wooden bird feeder seems to be a, birdhouse but is a feeder.

02. Repurposed Old China Bird Feeder

Do you have old, unused chinaware from your grandma’s era? It is time to put them to use to create this unique bird feeder. This whimsical design is created with a reclaimed tea cup and saucer. It’s a very easy process, as it all comes down to glueing and hanging. You attach the cup to the saucer, which contains the food. Tie the end of the tea handle to the ceiling to hang it. This is an easy DIY balcony bird feeder design that you can make at any time.

03. Pedestal Bird Feeder

You have probably seen these bird feeders in public parks! The pedestal bird feeder will entice the largest variety of birds as well as the widest range of species. These bird feeders are the least discriminating type of bird feeder since they provide all birds with free access. You can easily pour the food into an open perch or tray that is accessible to any bird.

04. Chic Grapevine Wreath Bird Feeder

If you need to clean away the dead seed heads of spring flowers while also providing a decent food source for birds, this project is for you. Grapevine wreath bird feeders can be the perfect holiday accessory for your household. Its organic form attracts a larger variety of birds. The best part is that it is very easy to make.

05. Upcycle Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

If you enjoy upcycling, you’ll adore this adorable plastic bottle bird feeder! These DIY bird feeders for balconies are quite simple to manufacture. Simply drill a hole in the plastic bottle and put a spoon into which the bird may feed. Alternatively, use a tiny bottle with a big aperture to allow birds to readily feast on the forage within. To attract additional birds, paint the bottles bright colours.

06. Repurpose a Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Upgrade your bird feeder with a wine bottle for durability. While more durable than plastic, hanging may be tricky. Such a DIY bird feeder for the balcony is unique. Be cautious of unwanted visitors like squirrels or rats. For better protection, encase the feeders at night when not expecting avian visitors.

07. Mason Jar and Chicken Feeder Bird Feeder

Craft a bird or butterfly feeder using a glass jar. To avoid difficulty in feeding, invert the mason jar and place a plate underneath. Hang these charming feeders at various heights across the balcony for a wonderful aesthetic. This mason jar bird feeder DIY is simple to make and looks amazing.

08. Railing Bird Feeder

This style of DIY balcony bird feeder requires no additional components. They fit the length of your railings. A railing bird feeder is a horizontal strip of platform that you may fasten to your deck. They have enough room for the birds to perch and feast on the grains. Railing feeders are an excellent alternative for high-rise residential balconies.

09. Planter-Combined Bird Feeder

As previously said, flowers and greenery attract birds. Therefore, if you attach the bird feeder to planter boxes, it might be a useful substitute. Planter-cum-bird feeders are a hybrid of a pedestal bird feeder and a planter box. Insert the bird feeder pole into the planting box. You may craft a birdhouse out of the top of the feeder. Additionally, providing seeds to your birds might aid in pollination in your mini garden.

10. Hanging Crockery Bird Feeder

Do you have a lot of damaged crockery in your house? You can always use them for DIY projects like curating a bird feeder. Apart from the iconic cup and saucer feeder, you may also use half-broken bowls or hanging saucers as feeder options. If you have two different-sized bowls, stack the larger one on top of the smaller one to make a shaded bird feeder. It is the best bird feeder for an apartment balcony.

11. Quirky Lego Bird Feeder

Transform your family’s colourful Lego block collection into a unique bird feeder. Shape it as you like, ensuring space for birdseed. The vibrant colours will attract a variety of birds, giving new life to old toys. Such birdfeeder designs for small balconies look vibrant.

12. Dry Edibles Bird Feeder

Why should your bird feeder be made of any other material when you can make your bird feeder fully edible? One of the best DIY bird feeders is an edible feeder. The most basic approach is to attach seed bars to your balcony rails. You can also make one at home by storing a variety of seeds in a cookie cutter overnight. Use different cookie-cutter shapes to create the ideal festive appeal.

13. Upcycled Cans and Containers Bird Feeder

Tin cans can make an excellent bird feeder. For easier access to the birds, cut the cans in half. For this one, decorating takes up most of the extra effort. You may make a flower out of the mouth of a tin can bird feeder, create a whimsical pattern, or paint it in brilliant colours. Hang these multi-coloured tins at varying heights to attract a multitude of vibrant birds. This homemade bird feeder looks very attractive.

14. Mesh Bird Feeder

Craft a utilitarian metallic mesh bird feeder from repurposed wire mesh, following the same process as a standard tower feeder. Add flat surfaces on the top and bottom for extra support. Ideal for preventing grain waste and addressing rat issues.

15. Reused Planter Bird Feeder

Every household has old pots that are unsuitable for gardening. You can always make bird feeder designs out of them. Make sure to make the pots’ holes larger. Put a clay plate beneath the pot for birds to perch on and devour the edibles. You can hang these feeders like flower pots.

Let Us Host a Feast for Our Winged Friends on Our Balconies!

Bring the mystical joy of colourful birds to your balcony by crafting DIY bird feeders. Enjoy the recycling thrill while curating these feeders with your craft essentials. Invite winged guests for a close-up view of their brilliant colours.


1. How do you put a bird feeder on a balcony?

You can always hang your hanging feeders on your balcony. Another excellent option is a freestanding pole setup.

2. How do you make a quick bird feeder?

You can quickly make a bird feeder simply by assembling a tray and a bowl and hanging the set up from the ceiling.

3. Can I have a bird feeder on an apartment balcony?

You can install a bird feeder on your balcony if your housing society or landlord give you permission. In addition, you must consider the safety of the birds.

4. How do I attract birds to my balcony?

If you can create a mini-ecosystem on your balcony, you can attract a large variety of birds. Plant shrubs with flowers and small berries to provide them with organic food. Also, add some sound elements, like waterfalls and chimes to allure these feathery beings.

5. What design makes a bird feeder the most effective?

The tube form provides maximum feed flexibility while also drawing a large variety of birds to a single feeder.

We hope you liked these birdfeeder designs for small balconies. We also have some tips that will be helpful in designing a pet-friendly house. Have a look at our blog.

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