Building Physics, its Applications & Role of Building Professionals

Due to rapid development in building physics, its growing importance and higher demands, (building professionals) many architects, structural engineers and specialists are often over-taxed. Experts (e.g. building physicists) needs to be consulted. The goal to be achieved is certainly to enable the architects and engineers to solve the building physics problems within their team whenever possible and to appreciate when to seek expert advice.

Building physics is important for professional to acquire a knowledge to integrate & develop the design methods that lead to a comfortable, healthy, sustainable & productive indoor & outdoor environment.

Building physics is of prime importance for all building related professions. The professions engaged, from initial planning to final construction are:

The Client:

Determines the room-layout and usage-program and the approximate cost limits.

The Architect:

Designs, plans, chooses materials, decides upon consulting experts, oversees construction and settles the accounts.

The Structural Engineer:

Designs the building for static, dynamic, thermal and hygric stresses.

The Quantity surveyor:

Measures the work and approves the account for payment by the client. Engaged by architects, structural engineers etc. on small contracts (Utilized at present primarily in the UK and Australia. In other countries these duties belong to the architect.).

The Management Contractor:

On behalf of major contractors integrates designs into building practice. Appoints all contractors. Provides management and quality assurance teams.

The Mechanical (or Building) Services Engineer:

Designs and plans heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems (HVAC-systems), water services, electrical systems, illumination, data cabling, digital infrastructure (In many countries separated into: Heating engineer, sanitary engineer, electrical equipment and illumination specialist.).

The Different Contractors:

  • Execute all the various craft jobs.
  • Draw the detailed plans, choose materials.

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