5 Fun Carpet Ideas to Decorate your Space!


Carpets are the underrated aspects of home comfort that we tend to forget about, as we take more notice of our beds, pillows, and blankets for comfort. Still, carpets provide a soft underfoot that no other type of flooring can, and makes waking barefoot much easier around the house.

Carpets are also aesthetically pleasing, as they present themselves in a multitude of colours, styles, designs, and textures. Every home can find a suitable carpeting style that would complement the overall look of the house.

Some homeowners may avoid carpeted flooring due to its tendency to be high maintenance when it comes to cleaning. However, with a proper and reputable service from a professional carpet cleaner, any carpeted flooring can last for decades and still look good as new! We have some inspiring carpet ideas that will alleviate your home décor.

Carpet Ideas for Home Décor

Here are some carpet ideas to give your home interior a fascinating look:

01. Make Use Of Carpet Samples

Use Carpet Samples

Adding a customized design to your entire room can set you back a sizable budget, but carpet samples are practically free, and are considered construction waste materials. If you want a unique carpeted flooring or rug in your home, you may want to consider using some colourful carpet samples for a DIY project!

Carpet samples typically come in small, square or rectangular pieces that show how the colour and texture of the material can fit into your home before you make the purchase. With enough carpet samples, you can connect them into a mosaic-type design, and create a good-sized rug or carpet for your home décor at minimal cost.

Confused between carpets and rugs, don’t worry, we got your back:

02. Cut And Piece Together Your Own Design

Cut and Piece Together

If you’ve got the skills to rework your carpeted flooring, why not try your hand at creating your own design using different colours of the same carpet material? There are plenty of tutorials and guides online that can serve as your inspiration in designing the carpet for your room, and you can have full creative control over how you would like your carpet to look like.

If you’ve completed a puzzle, you have the ability to cut and piece your own carpet design. You’ll need a bit of practice if DIY isn’t your bread and butter, and you can always look for professional designers to help you bring your designs to life.

03. Style Your Room To An Era

Style Room to an Era

Missing the fun and funky styles of the 70’s, or the colourful neon world of the 80’s? Why not style your room to the era of your choice, so you can live out your favourite styles – carpets included! Committing to one certain style makes your home unique and pulls all the accents together in one smooth design.

Shaggy carpets were at peak popularity in the 70’s, while the 80’s developed a taste for low-pile carpets that gave off a clean, yet pleasant look. Staying true to style, 90’s living rooms saw an increase in multi-coloured rugs that were popular during the time. Whichever era you prefer, homeowners have been living in comfort with carpeted flooring!

Have a modern home interior and cannot find the right carpet, then we have a perfect article for you:

04. Go Green For A Natural Aesthetic

Go for Green Carpet

Let’s face it – AstroTurf or whatever you call the fake, plastic grass is not comfortable. At most, the scratchy material leaves imprints on bare skin, making it a poor option for indoor rooms. Instead, look for a green, cut-pile carpet material that can mimic the look of grass without the itchy, scratchy feel.

Green, cut-pile carpets can give your room a bright and natural look, giving off a vibe of lush, green foliage especially if you have wooden accents and ample light around the room. A green carpet can also help you to feel calm, breathe, and realign yourself with your natural state – so this type of carpet is perfect for yoga rooms!

05. Look For Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Carpets

Sustainability is in these days, and it’s a trend that we hope will never fade. More and more sustainable materials are popping up in the market everyday, so you’ll be sure to find one for carpeting that you can use in your home.

Carpet materials like bamboo fiber are relatively new, but are sourced from eco-friendly bamboo materials that lessens the need for logging and creating synthetic fibers from oil. Carpets made from wool can also be sustainable, but you’ll need to make sure that you source your wool carpet from an ethical and cruelty-free supplier.

On the whole, these carpet ideas will transform your home into your happy place. Do try these amazing ideas and let us know in the comment, how the above tips have changed your home décor. Before you leave, check out our articles on carpets and rugs:

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