3 Main Causes & Remedies of Noisy Pipes


Domestic Plumbing System has to be designed in a way so that it is safe, sound and silent. Any defect in the plumbing system is usually identified by the noise in pipes. Noisy pipes are not only annoying but also a warning sign of serious plumbing problems.

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Causes and Remedies of Noisy Pipes

01. Noisy Pipes due to Water Hammer:

Causes of Water Hammer:

  • Water hammer occurs when running water is stopped suddenly or its direction is changed.
  • Due to sudden stoppage of water or change in its direction water has no place to go.
  • Hence it hits the shut off valve (in case of stoppage of running water) or hit the pipe walls (in case of sudden direction change).
  • This causes a loud banging noise.

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Remedies for Water Hammer:

  • Turn off the water supply to your house at the main supply (Or street level) only.
  • Open all faucets and drain all the water from entire plumbing system.
  • Now turn on the water supply as well as faucets, so that the incoming water will flush the air out of the pipes.
  • Water Hammer Arrestors: Another option is to install water hammer arrestors. Water hammer arrestors are small devices containing a spring-loaded shock absorber.
  • Water hammer arrestors divert the force of the water towards arrestor when a faucet is shut off.

02. Noisy Pipes due to High Pressure Water:

Causes of High Pressure Water:

  • High pressure water flowing through pipes makes knocking noises.
  • Due to high pressure of water, the water flows through a pipe too fast, and it begins to bounce off the sides and into itself, which shakes the pipe.

Remedies for High Pressure Water:

  • Attach a water pressure test gauge to the hose bib that is closest to water main.
  • Check the pressure of water. If it is greater than 80psi or 5.62kg/cmthan insert a pressure reducing valve to control high pressure water.

03. Noisy Pipes due to Loose Pipes/Wobbly Pipes:

Causes of Loose Pipes/Wobbly Pipes:

  • Pipes not securely strapped in the place will displace from its place when water flows through it.
  • When water flows through loose pipes, these pipes will bang against the surrounding wall.

Remedies for Loose Pipes/Wobbly Pipes:

  • Locate the places on pipes where straps are missing.
  • Add a piece of rubber or wood insulation or foam to pipe and strap it back into place.
  • In case if pipes are not accessible, wrap insulation or foam padding at the nearest accessible sections of pipe.

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Secure your plumbing system by the remedies discussed above and save on the replacement cost of water pipes.

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