ClearMax Windows & Doors – The Innovation We’ve Been Waiting For!

ClearMax Windows & Doors from San Diego, CA is making big moves to make the replacement and installation process as smooth as possible. The company has long been invested in creating the best, most affordable energy-efficient windows. Moreover, their ultimate goal is to ensure all homes can have high-quality windows and doors, as easily as possible.

ClearMax Windows & Doors

ClearMax Windows & Doors

As part of their efforts, the company has invested a lot of time and resources into launching a groundbreaking new interactive ordering tool. Now, after months of research, development, and testing – the new and improved ClearMax Windows & Doors website is ready!

With the help of this virtual tool, homeowners and contractors can now configure custom windows and get an instant quote for them. They are given free rein when it comes to choosing the look and features of their windows – the type, as well as styles and types of grid, frame, and glass.

You can order any custom design, from picture windows to 2-3 Lite Sliders – and everything else in between. Additionally, depending on your needs and preferences, you can go with a tempered or Low-E glass, as well as a combination of the two for ultimate protection.

This allows homeowners and contractors to make the ordering process exponentially easier, and get the best possible prices for their windows. The new feature also helps decrease the production time – allowing you to get a move on your windows installation process.

Through the buy windows online feature, in addition to customizing the model, you can compare prices, and ultimately pay less for a high-quality product. Then, you can either input the measurements yourself or call in ClearMax Windows & Doors professionals to do it for you – free of charge!

Finally, you can schedule a professional installation, or pick up your new custom windows and set them up by yourself.

The process is exact, comprehensive, inexpensive, and goes leaps and bounds into allowing ClearMax Windows & Doors clients to purchase new windows as efficiently as possible.

Joshua Sharon, President of ClearMax Windows & Doors notes that “This new model is simple and easy, allowing us to reduce prices for our customers.” He also remarks that the company “Believes in transparency, quality, and affordability for all.”

ClearMax Windows & Doors is one of the few companies to take the production process online and make it less costly and efficient as a result. Additionally, by allowing you to order everything from the comfort of your home, you can get your new windows significantly quicker and at a lower price.

The company truly is invested in making their energy-efficient windows attainable to everyone. In accordance, ClearMax Windows & Doors offers several financing options, allowing you to get a custom-made or a HEARTH financing plan.

So far, we haven’t seen any windows and doors companies offer a process that’s so concise, transparent, and cost-efficient. ClearMax Windows & Doors truly goes a step further in ensuring the needs of each customer are met. Needless to say, the future is bright for both ClearMax Windows & Doors and their clients, old and new.

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