What Countertops Colours and Materials go with Maple Cabinets? (9 Exclusive Picks)

Maple wood is one of the woods that offer smooth, even, and fine grains. And when it comes to wood the grains are the most striking feature of all. With undertones that range from dark to light Maple in itself have so many options to choose from. Let’s learn about what materials and colour countertops pair with maple cabinets.

Kitchen color schemes with maple cabinets

Selecting a countertop for such a versatile wood would deem to be a difficult task if the first step is not the selection of the wood itself. This would narrow down the scale of the search for the perfect countertop to a doable number. Let’s learn about what materials and colour countertops pair with maple cabinets.

Kitchen colours with maple cabinets

Based on the theme you are aiming for; maple can be then paired up with several countertop materials. In this article, we have curated a collection of our top 9 picks for your countertop colours and materials that pair elegantly with your maple cabinets.

So, let’s start the search by knowing a little about maple wood.

Know a little more about Maple Wood…

Maple wood Cabinets

Maple wood has a light, creamy colour with a smooth grain pattern. This and the impressive durability that it gives makes it a go-to wood for woodworkers. It is also less susceptible to water penetration allowing it to be a perfect material to be used in kitchens.

Available in shades that go from light to dark, it gives you the option of fitting into any theme. It mostly has a reddish undertone that gets either darker or lighter with each shade of maple wood. As the wood tends to change colour with time, the shades become deeper and more settled into the environment giving it a rustic and aesthetic appeal.

Modern touch in Kitchen with maple wood cabinbets

A light maple can go with an earthy-toned kitchen bringing in a traditional touch to the space.  On the other hand, a modern moody look can be achieved with a darker shade. Either way, Maple has the features to cover all grounds, when it comes to different themes.

Being a classic and timeless form of wood, it is preferred to be the right fit for cabinets as well. You have more control over its appearance with its versatility. The durability and the low pricing compared to other woods gives it the upper hand on being a good choice.

Next, we have discussed on the countertop colours and material options available to you for making maple wood cabinets. Let’s figure out what materials and colour countertops pair with maple cabinets.

Kitchen Countertop Colour and Material options for Maple Wood Cabinets

Colour countertops that pair with maple cabinets

The right countertops for maple wood come firstly with the right perception of a theme with the wood shade you have. To make it easier it is best to go with the undertone of the wood. If the undertone of the wood is muter into a brown, then earthy colours would go best with the shade of maple. If the grains and undertones are a bit on the darker side, the contrast with a light-coloured countertop can pop out the woodwork on the cabinets. Given that, here are 9 options for what materials and colour countertops pair with maple cabinets to bring that picture to life.

9 Elegant materials for your Kitchen Countertops

Using textures and colours the right way is the key to nailing that perfect kitchen. So knowing your options is where you should start at. Let’s start with what materials and colour countertops pair with maple cabinets.

01. The Ethereal Marble

Marble Kitchen Countertop

Who doesn’t know marble right? That is why it is one of the most sort-out materials out there. Every designer, artist, or person, in general, has an appeal to this material for its soft texture and shade with the light and unique veining.

Because of its connection to most luxury establishments and art pieces, you might have the misconception of it being the most expensive of stones. As the stone is smooth and soft, it becomes easy to cut it and transport it. This in turn makes it one of the affordable stones so you won’t have to hold back on your desires of getting it.

You can never go wrong for it can match up to any shade of maple with its varieties. It ranges from a light off-white surface to a pitch-black marble, complimenting similar and contrasting maple wood alike.

5 Types of Marble to choose for Kitchen Countertops

01. Pietra Gray
Pietra Gray Marble Kitchen Countertop

This marble has a matte finish that gives it a smooth surface that blends in and accentuates a lighter backdrop of maple cabinets. It has lighter white and off white veining on a base of rustic grey, making it a perfect combo.

02. Carrera Marble
Carrera Marble Countertop

With the classic combination of white marble with wood cabinets, no one can go wrong. This marble is relatively non-porous making it a perfect choice for the kitchen which sees a lot of staining.

03. Strippy Delano
Delano Marble Countertop

Dramatic enough for marble, this one has long grey lines that run across its surface making it one of the unique types of marble.

04. Calacatta Gold
Calacatta Gold Marble Countertop

An Italian marble with grey and lighter gold veining that is an apt choice for a stunning kitchen countertop. It also is one of the rarest kinds of marble and is known for its beauty and durability.

05. Snow white Thasos
Snow white Thasos Marble Countertop

As the name suggests, it is one of the purest forms of white marble there is with the lightest of veining visible. The durability and the pure white colour combines it to pair up perfectly with other materials.

02. Affordable yet Opulent Quartz

Quartz Countertop

While not as well known as marble, quartz is a material that is coming up in popularity in the market. With its characteristics of resisting UV damage, heat, and strength, quartz makes for the perfect countertop material for a kitchen. Being a lesser-known material, it would be a unique addition to your interior as well.

The drawback of this material would be the cost at which it comes in. Being a stone of a tougher nature requires the use of diamond cutting tools to shape it. Those are expensive to buy and thus push up the price.

Regardless, the material is versatile in its making and can pair up perfectly well with maple cabinets. A combination of a deep red-toned maple and muted white Quartz with red undertone grey veins contrasts each other to go well side by side.

5 Types of Quartz to choose for Kitchen Countertops

01. Black Quartz
Black Quartz Countertop

Black can bring in a dramatic effect, especially with its bright white veins. In engineering, it closely resembles Calcutta marble.

02. Cambria Quartz
Cambria Quartz Countertop

To keep things spacious and clean you go for lighter colours and textures. Cambria Quartz is the one for you in that context.

03. Carrera Quartz
Carrera Quartz Countertop

Being an almost exact copy of Carrera marble, this form of Quartz saves you from troubling stains, unlike marble.

04. Glossy Grey Quartz
Glossy Grey Quartz Countertop

Giving a smooth polished look for your countertops, this Quartz pairs well with loud colours like yellow.

05. Helix Quartz
Helix Quartz Countertop

With a more standard grey on white design to its veins, they match well with wooden cabinetry. It becomes a perfect space for cooking with the benefits of not damaging the countertop.

03. The Eccentric Laminates

Laminate Countertop

For the love of DIY projects, laminates become the canvas of customization. For a material that comes at half the price as marble or quartz, it gives the user the needed features of high heat resistance and staining.

Combinations of cream laminates with maple are the most basic way to go if you want to play it safe. You can try other shades of colours like sky blue for light maple cabinets if you are feeling experimental. An even better option of a contrasting note is using a dark laminate on a light maple cabinet kitchen.

04. Colourful and Vibrant Tiles

Tiles Countertop

Tiles in kitchen aesthetic are something of an old-world charm as it was commonly used as a countertop material back in the days. Bridging the same aesthetic back are ceramic tiles that give it much more than the classy appeal.

With an option of a variety of colours and finishes, most tiles offer protection from moisture and maintain the glamour of your kitchen space. As an area that is constantly under heat and moisture, this fits in perfectly as a countertop material.

It can be extended to being the backsplash of the kitchen it protects the surfaces as well as give the kitchen an accent wall aesthetic. Ranging through all colours nothing can beat a clean white tiling with light maple wool.

4 Types of Tiles to choose for Kitchen Countertops

01. Artisanal Handmade
Artisanal Handmade Tiles Countertop

Hand cut and crafted, these tiles give the kitchen a rustic appeal. Textured in their way these make for a unique countertop when it comes to maple wood.

02. Ornamental Porcelain
Glazed Porcelain Tiles Countertop

Glazed Porcelain is highly resistant to liquid spillage and staining. Being a tough tile to crack, it is resistant to wear and tear as well. With varieties in design styles and colours, you can make your call on what can go with your maple cabinets.

03. Vivacious Ceramic
Ceramic Tiles Countertop

Being chemical, heat, scratch and stain resistant, it can be incorporated into kitchen spaces that see a lot of spilling actions and accidents. They are also aesthetically pleasing with a variety of shades and designs.

04. Textured Granite
Textured Granite Tiles Countertop

A popular countertop material on its own, the tile version does amp up the countertop texture. It is a durable, stain-resistant and long-lasting material rightly made for your kitchen.

05. The Timeless Glass
Glass Countertop

The glass might be the last material to come to mind in the middle of a discussion on countertops. Durable from heat and standing the test of time, glass becomes one of the better able countertop materials to have. Unlike porous natural stones, you needn’t worry able spilling something. It cleans right off.

Being a material that can be shaped and moulded into anything it can be titled as the most versatile of them all. Even the tiniest waste pieces of glass can be reused, making it eco-friendly as well. Given that, glass ultimately is breakable, which would be difficult to repair.

It is available in the form of crushed glass, back-painted glass, functional art etc. On a kitchen with wooden cabinets, this could be the pop of texture and colour you need to elevate the look.

4 Types of Glass to choose for Kitchen Countertops

01. Back Painted Glass
Back Painted Glass Countertop

If solid colours are your jam, this is the way to go. Here, the paint goes onto the back of the glass, preventing the loss of its reflective translucence. With that coat, the material emits the colour onto the subtle surface. 

02. Creative Functional Art
Creative Glass Countertop

Adding colours onto glass in a way that gives the appeal of an art piece can form the Island in your kitchen, stealing the show. It brings in the unique touch of the person who deigns it and where it ends up being installed.

03. Uniquely Textured Glass
Uniquely Textured Glass Countertop

As glass can be moulded into anything, countertops made of glass can also stand out with textures designed onto them. These become centrepieces of most countertops, elevating the space more.

04. Coloured Crushed Glass
Colored Crushed Glass Countertop

Recycled pieces of crushed glass are made to set into a mould using acrylic or concrete as a base. As the smaller pieces of glass can vary in colour throughout the slab, it gives a multi-coloured yet textured appeal to the kitchen.

06. Modern and Wild Concrete

Concrete Kitchen Countertop

If you are aiming for that raw rustic look without having to incorporate an earthy tone, concrete is the way to go. As the concrete here is poured onto the top, it becomes a very versatile material. Name the colour, texture, counter shape, design; it can be achieved with the material. Concrete can also last a long time, but it comes with the con of being susceptible to staining.

The finishes to protect it come at a cost that is on the higher end. It also takes a lot of time to get the customizations done. Naturally, it is left with a hue that goes into a muted grey and streak of darker one, it is best paired with darker shades of maple.

If you want to take a deep dive on concrete countertops and its pros and cons, here they are:

Concrete Countertops: All You Like to Know!

Pros & Cons of Concrete Countertops!

3 Types of Concrete Textures to choose for Kitchen Countertops

01. Red to Grey Range
Grey Concrete Kitchen Countertop

Apart from the obvious grey of concrete it can also come in shade ranges that have red, brown and other colour undertones to it. These give you a rustic and earthy ambience when paired with Maple cabinets.

02. Textured Live Edges
Concrete live edges Countertop

Similar to wooden live edges, concrete can also be broken and made to create irregularly textured edges. With the uniqueness and the eye-catchy design, it will make for a good focal point.

03. Marble look-alike
Marble look-alike Concrete Countertop

With the right combination of shades, concrete pours can also take the looks of a striking marble look-alike.

07. Soapstone for a Modern Minimalistic look

Soapstone Countertop

Not a quite well-known material, soapstone can be your unique dream countertop if you are into a more moody dark aesthetic for your kitchen. Being a soft stone, it is easy to cut and shape, thus are affordable near locations it is sourced from.

The durability factor is a bit off as heavy usage can cause a dent on the surface. With not many colour variations to the stone, it ranges mostly in dark grey tones and is heat resistant. This is a material that will perfectly fit into a modern minimalistic interior. For a kitchen space used less aggressively, this is the material to go with.

08. Tough and Long-lasting Slate

Slate Countertop

Slate is a well-known chalkboard material that has now risen to the stands of being used for countertops. Brimming with advantages of heat resistance, durability, and aesthetics, it becomes a perfect material for kitchen counters. The stain and scratch-resistant surface can be that are textured with versatility in shades.

Slate comes in mainly a dark colour choice, putting it in with the modern and minimalistic aesthetics. Even though it can be used in other themes, the image of light maple with the slate countertop with added elements of copper fixtures is the best one among them.

09. Go Sustainable with Terrazzo

Terrazzo Countertop

Being one among the nostalgic design elements, terrazzo has made its come back with being an up and rising material for countertops. Made with a mixture of marble chips, glass, cement, and resin.

It has characteristics such as heat resistance and durability. It also becomes an eco-friendly yet trendy approach to kitchen countertops, as it reuses chips that are non-recyclable.

Given the durability factor, it does remain at the risk of cracking. Although not impossible, it can be a difficult task to get it repaired which can be expensive. With its versatility in being not a plain material, it can add a certain pop to the kitchen aesthetic.

After having read all these kitchen countertops, if you are still in search of more varied materials, here are these:

Next, we have added the price for varied kitchen countertop materials.

Bifurcation for Price Range of Various Kitchen Countertop Materials

Here we have added bifurcation for various kitchen countertop materials based on the affordability i.e. economic, average and luxury. Additionally, the price range also varies because of the characteristics and quality that the different countertop material possesses.

Sr. No.Kitchen Countertop MaterialsPrice Range (INR)
1Marble75 -300/ft2300 – 700/ft2700- 2000/ft2
2Quartz325- 500/ft2500 – 700/ft2700- 2000/ft2
3Laminates1200 – 1500/ft21500 – 3000/ft23000 – 5000/ft2
4Tiles50 – 70/ft2100- 200/ft2200-3002
5Glass48 – 150/ft2150 – 250/ft2250 – 350/ft2
6Concrete countertops5000 – 8000/ft28000 – 11000/ft211,000/ft2and more
7Soapstone3300 – 4000/ft24000 – 5000/ft25000 – 6300/ft2
8Slate100 –  200/ft2150 –  200/ft2200 –  500/ft2
9Terrazzo250 – 400/ft2400- 700/ft2700 – 1200/ft2

Furthermore, we have discussed what colour countertops pair with maple cabinets.

10+ Vibrant Colours to Accentuate your Maple Cabinets

Like materials, the colours for countertops also have a role in elevating its look. In order to know what colour paint goes with maple cabinets, lets us have a look at it. The colour of the material is what brings in the needed vibe to the space.

Let us look at some options for versatility with different colours for countertops. Let’s look at what colour countertops pair with maple cabinets:

01. Classy and Minimalistic with Black, White or Both

Black & White Combination Maple Cabinets

Classy and minimalistic aesthetics have risen with the bases of using muted colours like white and black which slowly added in more colours for vibrancy. But going on the roots of white and black can be the edge that the maple cabinet in your kitchen needs.

02. Muted shades of Beige and Greys for a Rustic look

Muted shades of Beige and Greys for Maple Cabinets

Tying the space to a more traditional and rustic appeal are the shades of brown and beige. Going with the monotony of colours here, the grains of the wood will draw in the needed contrast for the space. You can even go monotonous with different shades of beiges in the kitchen.

03. Subtle Richness with Pastel Shades

Pastel shades for Maple Cabinets

With shades on the greyer end of the things adding a pop of subtle colour always works. Bringing in pastel shades onto contrast shades of lighter maple wood or extremely dark one can work in your favour for a vibrant yet classy look.

04. Pop of Colour that is Striking to the Eye

Pop Colour for Maple Cabinets

The extreme thing to do would be to use the brightest of all colours for the countertops. That in itself is a theme. With the right maple shade, a bright colour can play off of it with ease. Going for a shade that is subtly related to the undertones of the wood can accentuate the wood as well.

05. A Statement Piece with Monochrome

Statement kitchen aesthetic with monochrome

Making a statement kitchen aesthetic with monochrome is taking the wood and the countertop colour to be almost identical. As woods can be repainted onto another colour, this aesthetic can be stretched to all the colours.  If not, you can always go along the lines of the shade of maple in use to match the countertop colour to it.

06. Textured Shades of Material Finishes

Textured Shades of Material Finishes

Apart from plain colours, material colour varieties also are to be given consideration. The texture in addition to the colour will bring in a unique combination to the kitchen aesthetics.

4 Tips on deciding ‘The One’ for your Maple Cabinets

Kitchen colour schemes with maple cabinets

The elaborate details will be the ultimate guide for you to choose the right countertop. To assist, here are some tips to keep in mind when you select what materials and colour countertops pair with maple cabinets.

  1. The shade of the maple wood would be the initial factor that will drive the choice of countertop. So have a grip on what shade of a maple, before deciding on the countertops.
  2. The next factor would be the ambience of the kitchen. It can range from minimalism with clean colours counters with muted woods to loud with striking colours.
  3. Always use your options to visualize the space and its appeal. If you can manage to get the textures and colours together then you can be sure.
  4. The quality and functionality of the material are equally important while selecting a countertop.

Deciding and finalizing on that one shade and texture that will adorn your Maple cabinets might seem like a daunting thing. It should as so many options give you iterations that can satisfy numerous themes and ideas. So the method of trial and error and knowledge for for finding what materials and colour countertops pair with maple cabinets will help you on the way. Eventually, you will get to the combination that best works for your kitchen and fits your style.

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