5 Best Condo Renovation Tips: Things to Consider

Renovating a Condo

Transforming houses has become incredibly more complicated nowadays. Not because there are issues with the renovations, but because of the choices that you have to select from. Not only that, but you may also have trouble thinking about what exactly to change or where to start from. Especially when you are planning to give a personal touch to your condominium, it brings enormous work starting from planning to executing because it comes with certain limitations and requirements.

Condo Renovation Tips

Condo Renovation - Before & After

Renovating a condominium and implementing good design ideas is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires good organizational skills. Hence, to make your condo renovation less of a headache, you can check out the following condo renovation tips:

01. Know the Rules of Condo Renovation

Rules regarding Condo Renovation

Before you think about renovating your condominium, you need to find out the rules of your building’s board or association.

Every condo building has a set of rules that you must follow when renovating. These can affect cosmetic decisions and material selections. Also, they may most definitely have policies on the times and days on when you can carry out the renovations, bring in materials, and what elevator you should be using, among other things.

Your board may even need to you submit a copy of a permit or approval to begin work.

While these policies are intended to keep everyone in the building happy, they can be a headache in your renovation process if you don’t adhere to them.

02. Who Are You Renovating a Condo For?

Once you familiarize yourself with all the rules, it’s time to think about designs. But to do that, you need to answer one vital question, who are you renovating for?

That means, are you renovating the condo for yourself, or are you intending to increase its value and sell it off? While you can renovate with both the things in mind, your options will become very limited.

That’s why it’s suitable to lean more towards one situation than the other when you are thinking of designs.

Another useful thing you should think about it how long do you plan on staying at that condo. If the answer is uncertain, then have your fun. But if you are planning to move out in a year or two, then keep the renovations to a minimum.

03. Flooring and Painting in Condominium

Painting in Condominium
Flooring in Condominium

The flooring and the paints are two main areas of every renovation project. That’s why you can start with these two things unless you are moving out soon.

If you already like the colours in your condo, then you can refresh the paints on the walls, cabinets, cupboards, and everything else. But if you want your condo to look new, then you can look into getting multiple shades of the same colour on the walls.

Updating the condo deck tiles and the rest of the flooring can add to the resale value. So even if you are planning to renovate for yourself, you can pick the right condo tiles and increase its value as well.

04. Carefully Think About the Condo Space

Condo Space in Living Room

Since you have a condo, you don’t have a lot of space to work with. The reason is that your home is adjoined with others, and that restricts you from making any drastic changes.

Condo spaces can sometimes have unusual angles and intrusive columns, both of which you can do nothing about. That’s why you must bring in a professional to have a look at the elements that can be opened or removed.

Well, if you are looking for some good examples for condos, you have it here:

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05. Your Condo May Become Uninhabitable

Renovations can get incredibly messy with all the debris, materials, paint smell, and workers moving around in your condo.

That’s why it may be a good idea to arrange another place to stay while your condo clears up. Some condo buildings even have guest suites that are often quite affordable. So, you should check that before going out of the building. It will keep you away from the stress but close enough to make sure everything is going according to plan.

Final Thoughts on Renovating a Condo

On a final note, renovating a condo is really worthwhile when done correctly because it can increase your home value. With proper planning, you can smoothly carry out the entire condo renovation. Just make sure to read all the rules and regulations of the condo board before proceeding further. We hope that these condo renovations tips will definitely make your task simpler and help you in your renovation journey.

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