Corian Countertops: Know Pros & Cons before you Spend!

If you are planning to have Corian countertops for your kitchen, you first need to know about the Corian and its advantages and disadvantages. Corian countertops were first introduced by ‘Dupont’ company, forty years ago and since then it has been one of the most popular material used over the years.  The best part of using Corian countertops is that we can have a similar material corian sinks for your kitchen.
Corian worktop is a type of solid surface countertop, which is manufactured by blending acrylic polymers (mainly plastic) and stone-derived materials. This mix is poured into moulds to make the half-inch thick sheets. The composition is consistent all the way through or solid, the same inside and out. Corian is manufactured in three thicknesses 6 mm (0.24 in), 12 mm (0.47 in), and 19 mm (0.75 in).

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Corian countertops are available in the variety of colours, patterns, styles and shades. Therefore, it is more prevalent among peoples due to its positive attributes. However, before you invest your money in buying this material, you should know about is pros and cons so that that you can know whether it suits your home as well your lifestyle.

Tips for Caring and using Corian Countertops:

Although cleaning and caring are not difficult, there are many people who do not do it correctly. It is most important for people to understand that one must clean the corian worktop every day with soapy water or an ammonia-based cleaner.
Make sure to dry your corian worktop, and do not allow it to be wet for a very long time. It is important because too much water can cause a film to develop on the surface, which will give the countertop a very dull look. Another thing to remember is to place heat pads or stands before you place anything hot on it!


01. One of the main advantages of using Corian worktop is that it is available in different colours. Due to this benefit, you can choose the one, which suits your home interior, as per your choice/lifestyle and of course in overall harmony of the colour scheme of the house as a whole!

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02. It is very easy to clean. Any spill-out during cooking process can be easily cleaned, without any extra efforts.
03. It is stain resistant. This type of material is non-porous, and due to this, the stains caused during kitchen work do not create any permanent damages. Further, it being non-porous material, it also protects them from a mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.
04. It can be fabricated with integrated corian sinks and backsplashes.

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05. The absence of visible joints and option of having a matching corian sinks creates a completely seamless appearance of the corian worktop.
06. Corian is durable and easy to maintain. It is also sunlight resistant.
07. It does not fade or change due to wear and tear.
08. No other worktop material offers the design flexibility, texture and inlays. Corian can be moulded into practically any shape imaginable.

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09. Damages caused to Corian countertops can be repaired easily.
10. Corian countertops are totally Hygienic.
11. Corian works brilliantly together with materials like stainless steel, wood, and glass.

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12. Care and maintenance of Corian counters are essentially the same as for granite and quartz counters.


01. Corian is easy to clean, but it’s not as durable as stone countertops like granite.
02. It is very expensive. Though the price of Corian is not as high as that of granite, it can be costlier than the other types of materials, which are used in building the countertop. However, where granite is available locally it might be cheaper.
03. Although it is a strong material, direct heat and sharp objects should be avoided as they could cause damage.
04. Corian worktop cannot withstand heat, may dent easily when heavy objects fall on the surface.
05. Although this material is stain resistant, Corian countertops have the ability to scratch easily, which is usually permanent!
06. It can get damaged easily when exposed to hot pans and vessels. Hence, one should remember not to place very hot cooking vessels on the countertops, for more than few seconds.
07. Corian, like the majority of the other brands of solid surface worktops available, contains a timber substrate. The risk with this is that, if the water gets into one of its joints, it can cause the timber to expand and can damage the worktop. This is important as most solid surface worktop guarantees, will not cover damage caused by water access.
08. Corian countertops cannot be used directly as a cutting board.
09. If you are using Darker colours, the small cuts are easily visible.
10. At the end of the day, acrylic is plastic. That is why a lot of people refuse to spend on worktops that are effectively plastic!

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