Best Corner furniture & Decoration Ideas for Your Home!

With increasing price of real estate and also with increasing desire of a common man to decorate each and every corner of the house, the corner furniture needs to be paid a huge attention nowadays. One therefore need to know the corner decorating ideas to use the empty corners of your rooms in a creative & functional way!

You usually stare at those empty corners & feel that something is missing! Everyone’s house has those corners which are mostly ignored & are really a challenging one. Empty are often found next to a door or window, or beside a piece of furniture, but regardless of where they are located, those awkward corner spaces can be a big challenge to decorate!

The empty corner is not just used for keeping your shoe rack or leaving it empty. While designing, the designers usually think of big picture & overall effect- the wow factor & forgot the corner spaces which means a lot for the homeowners – from the functional and utility point of view! A lot can be done to give the silent corners a creative makeover! It is not always necessary to modify each & every corner of your home. You can just revise some of them & give a new look to your home interior!

There are easy & inexpensive ways to rescue your wasted space & transform them into an attractive design statement by adopting corner storage solutions. Here are 10 innovative ways to make use of corner by adding innovative corner furniture for decorating corner wall without impacting overall decor:

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01. Freestanding Shelves:

Corner furniture includes adding the free standing shelves that can fill the space with accessories. It’s a great way to decorate your corner by adding corner storage in a simpler way.

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If your corner space is small, you can add a compact pyramid style corner furniture called bookcase or shelves displaying other accessories like dishes, vases, plants, etc. depending on the type of rooms for proper display & act as a finest corner storage solution!

Courtesy - Wayfair

02. Floating Shelves:

Corner furniture can also be modified by adding shelves to the corners, as it can do wonders with corner storage as well as display. The smallest corners like one beside the doors can also be used functionally. You can use floating shelves according to your needs & requirements i.e.whether you need to display the décor accessories or simply use them to store your books or some art pieces!

Courtesy - rilane

In case you don’t want the shelves to look too heavy, paint them with the same colour of wall to neutralise the total overall look & also don’t stuff the shelves with too many items!

03. Small Round Table:

As an effective corner furniture, you can also add the small round table in your corner along with a couple of stools. Such corner furniture can be used for multiple purposes like reading, seating, chatting, eating, playing games, etc.

Courtesy - Pixabay

04. Create a Reading Spot:

For an interesting corner furniture & decor, you can place a chair in the corner of the wall having a window & can create a reading spot by adding the floor lamp for the artificial light & side table if required!

Courtesy - Livingroomideas

05. Corner Working Desk:

To create a working corner furniture, you can set the table & chair & can transform your boring corner place into the useful working zone with some corner storage solutions. You can also beautify it with a pendant or a floor lamp along with the green plants & antique pottery. This entire set up will give the corner an antique & artistic look!

Courtesy - Pexels

06. Create a Gallery Wall Corner:

Art is a great option for filling up the empty corner of your home because it not only creates a focal point but also adds a lot of visual interest without using floor space.

Courtesy - drivenbydecor

You can cover your corner walls with a framed family pictures or handmade paintings, mirrors or artistic frames. A beautiful gallery created on a blank corner wall gives the eye-catching & monochromatic display. You can also add a piece of a styled chair with an impressive cushion along with a pendant lamp from the ceiling.

07. Hang Clothes:

You can place a hanger or a rack in the corner of your room as a decor accent or corner storage & use it to hang your clothes.

Courtesy - industrystandarddesign

08. Add Indoor Plants:

If you are not interested in adding shelves or doing something dramatic, here is a simple solution. You can add a plant, it can be small or large, if it is small you can club-up the number of houseplants in a decorative pot of different sizes to make the corner green!

Courtesy - Pexels

Indoor plants can make your room feel more live, vibrant & can also improve your sense of well being. As long as it’s not too dark, a corner can make a great place to create a small green oasis, even in a contemporary or minimalist design style.

09. Hang a Chair:

Corner furniture can be also added by an idea of a hanging chair right in the corner that adds fun & fancy to the corner & keeps the floor space open, giving the more open feeling to your corner.

Courtesy - abeautifulmess
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10. Add Cabinet:

The great way of using all the space practically & creatively is to have the corner cabinet which you can use for storage as well as for displaying your decor items!

Courtesy - darlinganddaisys

Follow the above corner decorating ideas and come-up with best corner storage solutions for empty corners of your home.

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