Country Style Decor: Home Décor Styles in Different Countries

Each country has its own niche décor style and design connoisseurs can identify the same at the snap of a finger. Gharpedia through this blog brings you a brief snapshot of the Country style décor of selected countries. Read on to know if we’ve got it right…!

The rich variety of historical and cultural influence in our world as well as the differences between urban or rural environments and hot or cool climates, have ensured that certain colour combinations have become synonymous with particular places. Regional traditions often begin when people use materials available locally, such as lime or whitewash or earth pigments for colouring. A familiar local style is established which people follow even after other choices have become available.

Colours can evoke such strong memories and associations that they transport us to faraway places. Whether you prefer the faded earthy colours of walls in the back streets of Venice to the gilded grandeur of its hotels along the Grand Canal; or the perfumed lavender hills of Provence to the palm trees, striped awnings and pink umbrellas of Cannes – getting the colour right is the vital step towards recreating the style. Let’s explore the various types of interior design styles, home decor styles, different styles of interior design, house interior styles:

  • The most urban, modern take on the Country Theme or Country home design emphasizes muted, soft background colours and natural fabrics. Country interior design styles or Country style homes interior represent a casual and cozy style that give a feeling of a simple country life.
Country Style decor
  • The next theme is the New England one, with a Shaker peg rail and a set of star sconces. Shaker style or the American interior design features peg rails around the walls of every room and of course no American country home would be quite complete without some reference to the United States flag.
Shaker peg style
  • The English Country Look is a combination of new and old country-house style.
English Country style

The colours are bright and modern but the country garden atmosphere remains the same.

Home Décor Styles From Around the World

Scandinavia is a collective name for the countries around the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Ocean. The colours used here often reflect the sky and the landscape – white, grey blue and yellow. There is a tradition of bold wall painting and the roller stripe pattern could be made more ornate with hand-painted spots or flowers.

Scandinavia Style

French country interior design style is defined as a mix of rustic and refined décor. It is inspired from the homes in the French countryside. It’s a popular style because of its comfortable and casual elegance that’s never ostentatious. 

Most Moorish colours are made using natural earth pigments and the most typical shades are pink, orange, terracotta and blue-green. The deep blue colour is the one colour we most associate with this style and is worth seeking out from a specialist paint company. Assemble a mixture of Moroccan textiles and pierced in lanterns for the full Kasbah effect.

Indian style

The Indian room is brilliantly coloured inspired by bright sari fabrics with a touch of pure gold in the stamped detail and border pattern. The key to decorating in this style is to use highly saturated colour at its full intensity. On a lighter note, if it looks too bright in the tin, then it’s going to be perfect for the Indian look!

Next up is Romany, which mixes Eastern European folk art and barge ware style. The folk patterns of all travelling people have a lot in common.

Rustic farmhouse style

The rustic farmhouse colours of Tuscany are based on earth pigments and reflect the colours of the fields. Colours like the rich red brown, yellow ochre and pale faded viridian green are typically Tuscan.

The heat of Provence is offset by the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea and the colours here are bright and lively. Moreover, tablecloths are a key feature of the Provincial kitchen style and trimmed with simple yellow rick-rack braid are quite easy to make.

Eco, Urban and Beside the Ocean

Eco Style

The Eco Style comprises of soft muddy colours, chalky finishes and natural materials combined in a cool, calm and contemporary way.

The Urban Minimalist Style combines few possessions with perfect taste and a limited colour palette. The colour lilac can be selected for its calming effect.

Industrial Modern Style is a take on loft living style, where a home is made inside an industrial space. In this steel flooring, pulleys and exposed metal girders are the state of the art; you can give your floor an unusual make-over using strips of hardboard nailed into the existing floor and make a shelving unit supported by breeze blocks.

Modern country interior design is all about creating a functional and authentic interior. Modern country home decor is much more streamlined.

The Ocean Style will enable you to give your dining area a beach hut holiday feeling with shiny white wood paneling surrounded by plenty of fresh bright colours.

Did You Know That…?

  • Indian colours defy all the rules and succeed every time
  • The spirit of Provence can be conjured up with colour and pattern, for example the green of a wall can be created by layering three different colours –yellow, blue-green and yellow-green
  • A bedroom can be fitted out in Moorish style, using pink, orange, terracotta and blue-green. A mosaic mirror, arched bedhead and Moorish-style fabrics can complete the colourful look.

Final Takeaway

On a concluding note, we are all unique individuals with our own personal colour preferences and passions.  So, there are a plethora of styles and even amalgamations of the same that can inspire us to nail our own favourite colours to the mast.

If you want to explore varied design styles, here is the

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