How to Cure Concrete by Spraying & Fogging?

Curing is the process of maintaining uninterrupted moisture inside the concrete without loss of moisture. Curing by spraying of water or fogging is one of the conventional concrete curing methods in the construction industry. It can be an efficient method for curing by supplying additional moisture during hot weather. It helps to reduce the temperature of the concrete. Spraying of water may be done manually.

These concrete curing methods can be adopted for both horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. However, huge availability of water is necessary throughout the curing period and round the clock. There is more wastage of water and it needs a drainage system to handle run-off.By using nozzles or sprayers; we can sprinkle the water frequently to raise the relative humidity of the air.

The following precautions are necessary while spraying water on concrete:

  • There should be uninterrupted water supply available in adequate quantity throughout the curing period.
  • If this operation is done manually, the workers deployed should be in adequate number and should be deployed round the clock. The frequency of spraying may get reduced in the evening or night hours but wetting of surfaces will be necessary through out to avoid drying.
  • Continuous supervision is necessary on the site because, after certain intervals of time, some surfaces will dry off and start cracking or crazing.
  • The temperature of the water should not be much lower than that of the concrete in order to avoid thermal shock. Avoid this system when ambient temperatures are close to the freezing point.
  • These systems may also be affected by windy conditions, therefore it is required to see that all of the concrete members are being kept moist.
  • It is essential that curing concrete with water is free from the substance like salt, oils, acids, organic materials, etc. that attack hardened concrete.

These are more efficient concrete curing methods. But these methods are not easy to achieve because these methods need ample quantity of uninterrupted water supply, and of course immediate and continuous supervision. If you miss curing during this period, remedial measures are very tough and costly.

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