7 Tips to Design Entrance Foyer in Your House

The foyer is the first thing you & your guests see upon the arrival, so make sure that it creates a lasting impression. However, when the guests visit, your entryway is the first interior space to greet them. The space that immediately comes to the main door when you enter the home is known as the entrance foyer. The foyer is an area that gives an introduction to your home & glimpses of home style & philosophy.  It is also space which gives transition before you enter the living or the main area of the house.

Here are the few tips to help you freshen up your foyer or entryway and transform it into an elegant & welcoming space.

01. Space & Furniture:

Space & Furniture

Keep storage in mind while choosing entryway furniture for the foyer. For example, make a shoe rack in such way that allows a person to sit and gives a spot to put off your shoes, umbrellas and other such items. Choose the entryway furniture that coordinates with your home style, as it acts as the main entryway of your house; it should set the tone for the rest of the house and should also blend seamlessly into all adjacent spaces. For example, if you have a traditional furniture in your living space, try to place a nice traditional table in your entryway/foyer, which gets flow with your rest spaces. Try to set the entryway furniture near the doorway for incoming and outgoing mails. Keys, place for the milkman to drop milk or a newspaper guy to drop the newspaper or mails and other similar stuff. Therefore entryway furniture should be designed such that it contributes the primary need of your house.

02. Colour:

Colour Of Foyer

Select a colour or wallpaper that goes with your space. If you have a large and spacious entryway, you can choose both dark and light colours. If your foyer space is small, use the bright colour to make your space look bigger. Try you choose the shade from both interior and exterior. For example, if the exterior colour of your house is grey and the interior colour is blue and orange, try to combine the hues from grey and orange in your foyer space.

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03. Eye Catching Display, Art Pieces:

Eye Catching Display

By creating an eye-catching wall display, you can showcase your personality and display the items, which are important to you. For example, you can display the places you visit and like the most. You can also put a large family collage on the wall. Think about decorative elements and large portraits, wall hanging elements or paintings. Don’t load the foyer with too many things and decoration. Also, try to make it stylish as well as simple and decorative.

Hang a mirror as an accent in your foyer space. If your foyer is small, a mirror is a nice way to make your foyer look larger. You can hang two mirrors on opposite walls to reflect into each other and widen the space. If the foyer is dark, you can place a mirror in such a way that it catches the maximum natural light and reflects it in the other spaces. The mirror is also a great idea where you and your guest can check appearances before going or coming.

04. Make Your Space With Hooks:

Make Your Space With Hooks

If you don’t have large space to work, try installing hooks from walls for a tall element with hooks. For example, you can use those hooks for clothing items like scarves, jackets, keys and hats. You can make it more organised by labelling the name or photo on each hook. By labelling each member of a family will know where his or her items should go!

05. Use Entryway Chandelier:

Use Entryway Chandelier

To have a welcoming feel, your foyer needs to be properly lit with the entryway chandelier. The entryway chandelier is a great element to make a statement when you or your guest enter your house. This is not a great element but it is a good way to make the room look bigger. Be sure that if you have enough space to hang the entryway chandelier or pendant light, hang it at least 6′-8″ above the floor. If you do not have not enough space it will look a smaller and crowded. If your foyer is small and dark then you can use table or floor lamp for lighting.

06. Include Some Greenery in Foyer:

Include Some Greenery In Foyer

Adding plants to space is a nice way to bring some greenery and add life and nature. You can use nice large indoor plants if you have space or otherwise you can go with the small flowerpot on a table or in the corner. You can also use a wreath on walls if your space is too small.

07. Add Doormats:

Add Doormats
 Courtesy - Pixabay

This is a nice way to catch a person’s eye; it is also a great idea to protect your floor from mud and water. Try to choose a doormat with the intricate pattern and dark colour.

By following these tips, you can make your entrance foyer space look more useful and welcoming for your guests.

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