Tips to Design Outdoor Kitchen (Western)

An outdoor kitchen is a perfect space for the chef of your family. It is good to be a part of the outdoor activity, summer excitement and warm fall afternoons rather than being stuck indoors.

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Here are Some Tips to Design Outdoor Kitchen in Your House:

01. Select the Location:


There is no thumb rule for the right spot of an outdoor kitchen. You might like the idea of a barbequing area just on the back or a freestanding kitchen pavilion with the pool. To design outdoor kitchen close to the house is good because the house provides natural shelter for the cooking station. The walls of the house act as a shield and protect it from the wind and the sun. It is easy to extend a roof overhang or add the pergola. Your outdoor kitchen should be near the house and the existing plumbing system to make installation easier. Many people choose to design outdoor kitchen at the patio for an overall living experience.

02. Look at the Space:


Look at the selected location before you start designing. Measure the length and width of the space, and know the area of the footprint. This will help you to derive the cost of your outdoor kitchen. After that take the time to think about designing space, put your ideas on paper through drawings or graphic rendering and decide where you want to put appliances and seating.

Install a kitchen island or outdoor kitchen cabinets. This is essential for designing function of an outdoor kitchen. There should be a storage, sink and refrigerator as a part of an island. An outdoor kitchen is incomplete without a barbeque or outdoor kitchen grills station, so build a BBQ area.

03. Add Lights:


Make sure you can cook and enjoy your outdoor kitchen at night too. Install lights so you can move around comfortably in it. Consider lighting in the flooring, hanging lights or wall sconces to lighten your kitchen.

04. Seating:


Make sure that your guest and family members can join you in the kitchen space by providing attractive, comfortable seating. This can be a part of the kitchen island or a separate outdoor dining area.

05. It is Good to Use Fireplace:


You can have a gorgeous outdoor fireplace. It will add warmth and make it easier to enjoy your kitchen in winter also. This will match the kitchen island and outdoor kitchen grills or BBQ area for a cohesive design that will be stunning and practical.

06. Kitchen Garden:


Grow your own herbs and vegetables in flower pots or raised beds. Grow them near your cooking space so that you can easily reach. By growing it, you will have fresh ingredients, which will make your food tasty and more amazing.

07. Gas:

If you are planning to grill, you will need gas with your barbeque. If you live in an area where natural gas is available, you can run a gas line to your barbeque area. If the natural gas is not available to invest for two gas tank, so one is always full and ready when the other runs low. If there is a provision of gas line in your region, you can extend it to your outdoor kitchen area.

08. Plumbing:

Outdoor kitchen cabinets will also have a sink. You will have to install a simple pipeline if you only run cold water to it. If you want to run hot water, you will have to insulate the entire run of pipe. Depending on the length of the pipe run and which type of winterization and drainage system you include, incorporate plumbing plan before you start executing.

09. Budget for your Outdoor Kitchen:


One of the most important decisions is the budget. You can spend anything you want in an outdoor kitchen, from freestanding outdoor kitchen grills, rolling side cart, countertops and entertainment zone. Find a balance between what you want or desire and what you need and what you can afford.

10. Barbecue Space:

 Courtesy - Pixabay

The outdoor kitchen is incomplete without the barbeque space. Outdoor kitchen grills or barbeque is perfect for spring and summer relaxation and having lunch or dinner with family and friends. Outdoor kitchen with barbeque will look perfect in your backyard area and can also look great in your garden or next to your pool.

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