A Perfect Guide for Planning a Destination Wedding!

Every marriage starts with a unique promise to stay happy forever. Most of the couples’ plan to organize their marriage like a fairy tale where there will be the punch of passion for adventure, and their commitment to celebrate the marriage. The love for adventure often results in the arrangement of a unique wedding away from home in a far-off place. The concept of a destination wedding has become popular for its blend of passion, adventure, and thrill integration. Marriage is not a mere event here, it is a reel-like-marriage in real life.

It is said that “extraordinary weddings just don’t happen, they are planned.” And this is the case with all destination weddings too. It is a new emerging tradition, these days. Here, the families and of course, the couples decide to relinquish the traditions & rituals of getting married maybe in the bride’s hometown or they may plan to exchange their vows at some other beautiful place which is a new spot for both the families!

In many instances, a destination wedding takes place in a foreign country or at some interesting destination, be it a resort, beach, or palace, where the couple, the wedding party and their guests stay for about a week to celebrate and cherish the marriage. Often, destination wedding is theme oriented. It brings your fantasies to life. But wedding bells not only bring excitement, but also include lots of formalities to complete. Wedding brings excitement to the bride, groom and family members of the couple but lot of activities are there, which have to be managed with professional efficiency, hence you need to hire associates for making the marriage a smooth sailing.

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Destination Wedding Guide

If the idea of a destination wedding appeals you, but you might have not decided yet about the venue! However, a destination wedding planning gets easier with a bit of early planning; you can make sure that the dream wedding can be a real-life event! Follow our easy guide below for planning a destination wedding & check a few tips suggested here to add to your wedding planning checklist! We are sure that every single aspect of your destination wedding will make your guests happy and enthralled!

How To Plan Your Destination Wedding?

How to Plan Your Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding starts by allowing yourself to have enough time to organize the details. Whether you are confused to choose a destination wedding or you have already set your mind on hitting the beaches, make sure you follow the wedding planning checklist & learn how to plan your destination wedding before booking a travel flight!

Follow these simple steps to plan a perfect destination wedding:

01. First Choose Your Wedding Destination!

Wedding Destination around the world

The first step in planning a destination wedding is to choose the ideal location with your partner & family. You should base your decision on the local weather & season. Also, you should be realistic about your expectations. Make sure that the travel destination you choose must have the resources you need. Choose such destination that is accessible and safe for planning a marriage.

The top venues across the world include laid-back beach hotels, mountaintop ski resorts, lush vineyards, glitzy casino hotels, full-service cruise ships, exotic islands, old castles and posh villas, etc. While planning such a grand destination wedding book hotels packages online to make the whole process easy and time saving.

02. Choose a Wedding Package or Hire a Certified Wedding Planner!

Wedding Packages

When planning a destination wedding, consider choosing a destination wedding package or hire a local certified wedding planner or an event manager to save you from the hassle of arranging a detailed marriage! You may even want to purchase & hire both to cover all bases! Do your research & make sure that your wedding planner has access to vendors & enjoys good reputation in the marriage location!

A wedding planner must be familiar with the planning potentials of a space, the layout and the time along with the items like coverings for weddings, banquet cover chair, event draping, floral decor, party decor accessories and so on which will help you in making a great decor. The planner must be an expert on hand to take care and work through a given venue.

03. Set Your Wedding Budget 

Set Your Wedding Budget

Destination weddings are mostly costlier option, but you need to fix a wedding budget including its connected expenses along like budget for travel & non-local vendors. It’s also important to consider the form of currency used at the destination so that you can keep track of your total expense!

04. Organise Your Guest List

Organize Your Guest List

As it is a destination wedding, there is less pressure to extend the wedding invitations to acquaintances, co-workers, or people you are not that close to! Statistics say that it is expected that destination wedding may include more or less about 20% less of your guest count in your marriage function. Keep your guest list small to reasonable since all your friends may not afford buying an airfare to attend your destination wedding!

05. Send Your Wedding Invitations Early

Wedding Invitations

An invitation is an important formality for any wedding, which announces your upcoming event. Send out your wedding invitations far in advance so that guests can save money on their airfare! This is important to ensure that your closest family & friends can make it to attend the destination wedding venue, so advance information about the venue is a necessity! Also, add RSVP in your invitations so that you get a confirmation from all your guests and you can plan your destination wedding arrangement accordingly. As it is a theme wedding, make sure that you try to incorporate the colour of the wedding invitation card with the wedding theme colour!

The most important step in the planning process is to decide when to send destination wedding invitations! You should send out destination wedding invitations 4 to 5 months in advance from the marriage date. Be detailed and formal about the invitation format. You may include a link to your wedding website/social media page if you can’t fit all of the details on the invitation card! Stay connected with the guests at least virtually if they need any further assistance!

06. Agree on Terms With Any Non-local Vendors

Wedding Photographer

Since you are in an unfamiliar destination and hardly have you known the locales whom you can hire for bridal make up, etc. if possible, you can bring your own wedding photographer & beautician-make-up/hair artist with you! Be sure to negotiate their travel expense & make sure they are capable enough to take care of your big day. You also make sure that you have hired the best wedding photographer you know to frame the special day and special moments perfectly!!

07. Make Sure Your Officiant Can Officiate

Make Sure Your Officiant Can Officiate

Research all legalities related to the weddings to make sure your officiant can actually officiate & declare you & your loved one as legally “married”. This is important since some laws require the couple to be present in the country for longer than a day!

08. Accommodation That Offers Group Discounts

Book a Hotel That Offers Group Discounts
Book a Hotel That Offers Group Discounts

Since it is a destination wedding, most guests will be booking their own airfare & paying for their lodging, you should lighten the load by arranging a group discount with a hotel near the wedding ceremony location. This way, your guests will be able to save a bit of money & stay in the same hotel in a group! Your guests will feel easy being surrounded by friends, family, & wedding participants in a reserved hotel block!

You can even book villas for the guests in the proximity of the marriage venue. This arrangement can save the expenses on transport and avoid possible hassles

09. Organise Transport Service For Wedding Ceremony

Organize Transport Service for Wedding Ceremony

Make proper travel arrangements for the guests present at your wedding venue. Make sure that you provide a way for your guests to make the function a gala celebration! For example if you are looking for Wedding Lemo Service in calfornia, then you can arrange a limo service from Moreno Valley.

10. “Save the Dates” For the Destination Wedding!

Sending Destination Wedding Invitation

If your destination wedding will be during the tourist season, you should send “save the dates” to your guests 10 to 12 months in advance so that the guests can book their airfare & lodging in advance. Airline prices can be unpredictable in peak travel season so you should give your guests as much as possible lead time to book their flight and hotel!

While “save the dates” are not mandatory for local weddings, they are necessary for destination weddings where guests may have to save in advance to witness this special day!!

11. Shop for a Wedding Wear

Wedding Dress

It is said that a bride looks the most beautiful in her wedding dress. And for this to happen, you must invest quality time for your wedding shopping. Put special focus for shopping the appropriate kind of fabrics depending on the climate of your your destination and weather at that particular time of the year. Homework, online research, and consultation with your makeup artist can help you a lot in going your shopping with the best result.

12. Safely Pack Wedding Essentials

Pack Wedding Essentials

Before it gets too hectic before the last few days of the wedding, start packing prior to the deadlines. Make a handy checklist of all the essentials which you like to carry in your flight. Often, we forget to include things, which are essential to include out packing. Review the packing finally you lock your package.

In a nutshell, every single detail of your destination wedding should be taken care of. Not only you will feel happy, it will let your relatives and guests feel comfortable and relaxed! Now that you are all aware about planning a destination wedding, don’t hesitate to make this idea a reality. Start planning today and turn your big day into the fairytale wedding you have always cherished in your mind. Let your wedding be the most memorable day of your life!

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