DIY Balcony Decor Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Nook!


A balcony is a unique, cosy spot in our home. Spending a day in a comfortable nook with a fantastic view never gets boring. A breath of fresh air and a nice getaway from the cramped walls of an urban space can make a huge difference in our lives, and a balcony provides us both. Make your balcony a little more interesting with these DIY balcony décor ideas. 

DIY Balcony Décor Ideas

Balcony décor can be basic, stylish, contemporary, classic, rustic, or a combination of these. If you have a large balcony, the décor can be extravagant; if you have a tiny balcony, you can pick a subtler design with essential decor pieces. Check out some of the best DIY balcony décor ideas:

01. Balcony Wall Decor

Consider securing a mosaic of mirrors instead of traditional wall art for your balcony. It has a remarkable appearance and will emphasise the pleasant vista even more. Additionally, you may choose some lovely frames and arrange them so that they tell a beautiful tale and enhance the visual appeal of the balcony wall.

Use decorating alternatives like dream catchers, frames, and centre pieces to decorate your balcony. Make your balcony dynamic and energetic with DIY projects in bright colours. To further enhance the aesthetics, paint the balcony’s corners and borders and use scented candles or diya.

Get some wall stickers to enhance the look. Use terracotta bird figurines to decorate your plants or glow star stickers to decorate the ceiling. Alternatively, you may always use welcome quote stickers. If you have unused glass bottles, you may tie them together and place them in a corner of your balcony. A few stems of money plants and a little water can enhance the appearance of your balcony.

02. Balcony décor with Hanging Pots

Collecting figurines of birds, toy planters, etc and miniature table seats may look excellent. Put tiny pots or brackets on your balcony to display small toys.

A hanging potted herb garden will always bring more greenery to the area and provide a colourful appeal for the balcony, especially if it is concrete. However, you may not always have enough space to place larger potted plants.

03. Swing it up

Who said swings are only for kids? Adding a swing to your home’s balcony is a terrific way to create a sitting area with a nice design piece. You can unwind on a swing while admiring the scenery. Even if you live in a busy metropolis, you can make your balcony feel more lively or vacation-like. Above all, try a gorgeous hammock or hanging chair for a casual, comfortable, and laid-back vibe. This is one of those balcony decoration ideas that you should never ignore. The most crucial technique for decorating your swing is to add some pillows for comfort.

04. Balcony Décor with Wall Plants

Decorating your walls is one of the best ways to liven up your balcony. A fantastic way to start is by using wall planters to add colour to your walls. Consider using vibrant hues like yellow, blue, or pink if you want to express your individuality via colour. You may always paint them with acrylic or spray paint to unleash your inner painter.

05. Imitate the Grass

Artificial grass complements large balconies. It is simple to maintain and simultaneously gives your balcony a new look. Obtain a large canopy for the balcony and an accompanying basic seating arrangement. Use your balcony as the ideal location for your meals so that you can enjoy them in peace. Place flower baskets on the sides or hang them from the ceiling.

06. Lights all the way

Fairy lights are known for bringing life to almost anything. They are widely accessible and relatively inexpensive. Add other simple furnishings to the balcony, but don’t go overboard with the décor. You may also combine the fairy lights with a tiny canopy to create a romantic atmosphere on your balcony. Place a string of fairy lights horizontally across your balcony from one corner to the other. Install a modest canopy in one of the corners.

Mason jar lanterns are simple to make for the balcony. Several sites sell mason jars at reasonable prices. Fill the jars with electric lights to create a magnificent effect.

07. Add Faux Boxwood Panels for Privacy in Balcony

Update your balcony by adding faux boxwood panels to the existing façade and a hardwood privacy screen above. Adding succulents here can instantly lift the feel of the space. Design the space in such a way that there is enough light even if you go for coverings in a bid to get the required level of privacy.

08. Cosy Seating

This lovely small balcony focuses on allowing you to spend hours of comfort out in the fresh air. That is why it includes mattresses, blankets, cushions, and a small side table. Make printed cushion coverings to add a pop of colour to your balcony. Set up mat pillows to snuggle up while reading your favourite literature or chatting with friends. Placing the mats can help you create additional weather-resistant alternatives.

If you do all these DIYs, you will undoubtedly have an excellent spot to relax and enjoy yourself. This joyous spot will contribute to the freshness and keep you optimistic and cheerful.

A balcony is a blessing, especially in today’s busy and stressful metropolis, where most of us live in smaller flats. It signifies an open space of peace, viewing the sky and occasionally magnificent foliage. It is a place of refuge, personal chats, and simply resting alone at the end of a long day.

Additional DIY Balcony Decor ideas

Still want more ideas for your cosy spot? Here’s some additional DIY balcony decor ideas:

  • One of the most significant yet underappreciated DIY balcony decoration ideas is to use patterned outdoor rugs or runners to enhance the aesthetics of the balcony. However, make sure that you buy one that can withstand the weather.
  • If you don’t have enough space, consider acquiring furniture that can be neatly folded or put away when not in use. The foldable table will vanish altogether, freeing up much floor space. 
  • You may use the balcony in almost every weather situation. You may choose between more shade and more seclusion. You can protect yourself from the weather by using retractable awnings. Likewise, you may select a basic stripe or a bright colour to add a whole new dimension to the balcony.
  • You can convert your balcony into a reading corner. Add a wooden shelf, which will also fit wonderfully on a tiny balcony and provide extra storage space. Decorate the walls of your balcony with floating shelves or a standing shelf to exhibit design items, succulent pots, gardening tools, and books. Sit on your balcony and read your favourite book while sipping coffee or tea. You may also use this area as a workstation!

Summing up

We hope this article has motivated you to have a hands-on experience with DIY balcony décor ideas. Incorporate these balcony decoration ideas and give your balcony a perfect makeover.

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