DIY Guide to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors with Glass Inserts

Cabinets hold a lot of the power when it comes to remodeling your kitchen for a fresh and new feel. Kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts are the perfect way to update the look of your kitchen, no matter your design style. From farmhouse to vintage to sleek and modern, cabinet glass inserts will brighten your space, make it look larger, and can be done yourself. Yes, you can DIY replace your kitchen cabinet doors, even if they don’t currently have glass inserted.

Glass Inserts and their Benefits

Glass Inserts

Wondering why you would even want to put a glass insert in your kitchen cabinet door? Adding glass to your cabinets can actually make your kitchen appear larger. It enhances the transfer of natural light, especially cabinets over islands that are glass on both sides, making the room brighter. Kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts also allow your kitchen to have some design to it instead of door after door that looks the same.

If the concern is that people will see that your cabinets are super messy, choose a frosted glass or textured patterned style that will hide away the contents of the cabinet, though a see-through door is basically an insurance that you will not find yourself with those stuffed-to-brim cabinets that pour out the second you open them.

Types of Glass Inserts For Your Kitchen Cabinet Door

Types of Glass Inserts

There is no one way to design kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts because there are so many varieties of glass to choose from depending on your style preferences. Whether you want to show off (or hide) the contents of your cabinets, here are a few of the options to select when replacing doors with glass inserts. Click here to know the best cabinet glass styles for kitchen upgrades in 2021.

01. Rainy Glass: gives a rainy pattern of design

Rainy Glass Insert

Designed to look as though rain is pouring down, rainy glass adds texture and dimension to your kitchen cabinets, concealing the contents while adding decorative flair.

02. Seeded Glass: shows seed-like bubbles to beautify the look

Seeded Glass Insert

Textured glass with small, seed-like bubbles provides the beauty of a glass look with a privatized feel so your cabinet contents are not on display.

03. Transparent Glass: clearly shows inside cutlery and kitchenware

Transparent Glass Insert

Showcase your dishes, collectible mugs, gorgeous glassware, and whatever you may have that you want to put on display with see-through glass cabinets.

04. Leaded Glass: crystal like design and patterns

Leaded Glass

Combining multiple small pieces of glass, a leaded glass design can create a symmetrical pattern, colorful stained glass window, or other decorative image.

05. Frosted Glass: to hide the kitchenware inside cabinets and brighten up kitchen

Frosted Glass

Much like bathroom windows and shower doors, frosted glass provides a blurred effect that brightens the room without showing off the contents of each cabinet.

Why Do You Need To Replace Kitchen Cabinets Doors?

Replacing your kitchen cabinet doors may seem like a big undertaking but it’s something that can revitalize the look of your space. Transitioning from traditional wooden cabinets to doors with glass inserts will leave you feeling like you have an entirely new kitchen. Updating your cabinets is a must-do project when selling your home, as it will increase the value and make your kitchen more modern and current. If you’re just looking for a spruce, replacing kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts takes a monotonous, all-wood look and makes your room appear bigger and brighter. And who doesn’t want a larger kitchen space?

Difference between Wooden Cabinet Doors and Glass Inserts

Wooden Cabinet Doors:

Wooden Cabinet Doors

What merits one can enjoy with installing wooden cabinets:

  • Conceals the contents of cabinets from guests and those in the home
  • Can often be painted to add a spruce to the kitchen design

Every pro has its cons as well:

  • Solid panel kitchen cabinets can make the space look monotonous and plain
  • Wood cabinets can become out-of-date as styles and trends change

Glass Insert Cabinet Doors:

Glass insert cabinet doors

Advantages of using glass insert doors

  • Glass inserts work in all styles of kitchens whether you have farmhouse, retro or antique kitchen cabinets
  • Brightens and enlarges a home’s kitchen
  • Project can be DIY

Glass inserts come with its disadvantages

  • Can be costly depending on glass style, what tools you need to buy or if you choose to hire a professional instead of doing it yourself

Are Glass Cabinet Doors More Expensive?

Depending on the kitchen doors you currently have, you may be able to DIY using your current cabinets and tools you have which would cut down on the cost of supplies. Additionally, the material you choose for your glass inserts will play a role in determining your price so consider budget-friendly options when making your selection.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Glass Inserts

Glass Inserts cabinets

Before spending money on your glass inserts, make sure to do the research. Decide what your budget is for the project. This will determine how many cabinets you plan to do and what style of glass you want to use for your inserts. Measure your cabinets to ensure you know how much glass needs to be purchased for the project and the dimensions for each cabinet (measure each one separately as doors may vary despite all looking the same size). Once you know how much glass you need and what you can afford you’ll be ready to select a glass style for your inserts.

Where To Buy Quality Glass Inserts?

Ready to get started on your kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts? For a professional look and well-done DIY project, high quality glass is critical. Glass Genius is an online marketplace to buy and sell glass and allows buyers and sellers to contact each other directly and negotiate deals so you can get the best glass for your project at the best price.

Final Takeaway

Kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts gives your kitchen a modern look no matter what so ever your design style is … Glass inserts have lots of benefits and come in varied types. Updating your kitchen cabinets with glass inserts will totally change the look.

We hope that you found interesting facts about glass inserts and come to know about its various types that are available in market. But do you know whether your cabinets are installed at correct heights? If not, know here:

And before you take a leave, explore about various other materials for kitchen cabinets as well:

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