What are the Dormer Windows?

Dormer windows are an important feature of the house.  These windows are also known as rooftop windows. Dormer is becoming more common in the home as they can help to create extra headroom in spaces that may otherwise be too small or too low for habitation. They enable the creation of rooms in the roof or loft without needing to construct a new storey.

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Dormer Windows
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The dormer windows are vertical windows provided on the sloping roof. Such a windows provide ventilation and lighting to the enclosed space below the roof. It improves the appearance of the house. The dormer has its own roof, which may be flat, arched, or pointed. It is constructed in such a way that the glazed face of the window is vertical. The opening in the roof is made by trimming the rafters.

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Dormer is generally built into the roof of a house that has living space in close proximity to the roof, such as an attic bedroom. Light and air flow are absolutely necessary for the vitality and comfort of attic rooms. Dormer windows thus provide more space, light and the free flow of air.

Dormer is useful in bungalow construction for providing additional habitable rooms within the normal roof structure. It is available in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes.

The style and design of the dormer depend on:

  • Where the dormer faces, i.e. to front, side or rear (elevation)
  • The size of loft and room required
  • The existing roof shape
  • The budget, as costs increase with size

Dormer windows provide fresh new ways to enhance the beauty of your home. Installation of dormer windows is quite costly because it requires the high level of technical knowledge, particularly to make it waterproof as it involves a lot of joints and hence needs careful planning, detailing and execution.

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