The Best Energy Efficient Doors for Your Home!

Are you tired of outside temperatures entering your home? You may blame it on your old windows when the main culprit may be your door. They are integral to the maintenance of your home’s energy efficiency.

Doors and door frames have low insulation, and therefore, heat transfer is inevitable if it is sealed well. So to make your home energy-efficient, you need energy efficient doors and windows offered by Mikita Door & Window so that you can have a good weatherproof strategy for your home, making it cost-effective as well.

These types of doors also conserve energy by preventing unnecessary heat exchange.

What is an Energy-Efficient Door?

Energy Efficient Doors

An energy-efficient door is one that has good insulation and can keep the outside temperature from entering inside and combats the transfer of unwanted heat. It ensures that the amount of energy required to cool or heat your home does not go to waste.

It also prevents the leakage of air and temperature and protects your home from the same. An energy efficient door acts as a deal between the internal and external temperatures of your home.

The concerns about climate change and global warming are rising, and adopting more eco-friendly approaches has become a necessity.

Energy-efficient doors contain thermal reflection properties that allow you to maintain temperatures and help you lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. They come with a special layer that blocks the ultraviolet rays and protects your door from damage.

Tips for Finding an Energy-Efficient Door

When you’re choosing a door, certain factors you consider may include the door’s visual appeal, quality, durability, and aesthetics. However, apart from this, you must also ensure that your door consumes less energy.

So, if you want to find the best energy-efficient door for your home, here are some things you need to consider.

01. Door Material

Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass composite doors are more durable and lightweight, and they access their energy-efficient essence through the dense polyurethane foam core.

Moreover, these doors are also available in different versions and textures, and hence, homeowners have more liberty when they are choosing or painting the door. Therefore, apart from having a weatherproof door, you can also have an aesthetic door.

02. Door Type

Steel Energy Efficient Door

Steel doors are durable, and they are naturally energy-efficient. Moreover, if you ever plan to resell your home, it will also help increase your home’s value. They have a thick foam center which helps in preventing the outside weather from invading the inside.

They are also often equipped with magnetic weather stripping, which keeps the door shut and, therefore, prevents any leakage of air between the door and doorframe. They may be available in limited textures, but you can paint them according to your preference.

03. Installation

Much of the energy efficiency of your door depends on how you install it. Many doors have a pre-hung in the door frame, and before you install it, you must ensure that the door fits properly in the door frame.

You must make sure your door swings easily and has a tight seal as well. To ensure there is no air leakage, apply foam caulking around the frame but maintain the door’s energy efficiency; you need a professional. 

Top 4 Energy Efficient Doors for Your Home

If you want to have a comfortable atmosphere in your home, it is essential to invest in an energy-efficient door. Particularly during harsh winters, it may be hard for you to keep your home warm. Hence, here are the best energy efficient doors you can opt for your home.

01. Codel Exterior Fiberglass Doors

Codel Exterior Fiberglass Doors

Codel Door Collection is great if you want a bright and beautiful door for your home. The doors are energy-efficient as they are made of Fiberglass, which is smooth and textured.

The doors won’t warp, split, or crack even when the weather conditions are harsh because they are made using Hydro shield Technology which seals moisture and prevents any door rot, decomposition, and failure.

They can be stained and painted as per your choice. The polyurethane foam offers high insulation value to help your door conserve energy.

02. Therma-Tru Fiber-Classic Collections

Therma-TruFiber-Classic Collections

Fiber-Classic door collections by Therma-Tru have an attractive visual appeal, and they are convenient as well. The doors feature composite rails which secure your door at the top and bottom for moisture blockage, which can wick into the doors.

It is manufactured with a polyurethane foam core which offers a better insulating R-value as compared to wood. The doors insulate against heat and cold to offer complete energy efficiency. You can choose from a wide range of door sizes and Fiberglass designs to find one that fits your home perfectly.

03. Masonite Belleville Flush Exterior Doors

Masonite Belleville Flush Exterior Doors

Masonite Belleville Flush Exterior Doors are another perfect choice for making your home more energy-efficient and weatherproof. These doors boast timeless and cutting-edge designs that come in varying styles to accentuate any home and fit any personal style.

They are engineered with years of experience and are available in steel as well as Fiberglass construction. Hence, these doors deliver high performance when it comes to energy efficiency, and they are designed to last for a long time. Whether you are looking for something modern, traditional, or a mix of both, these doors can come in handy.

04. Sol-Up Embarq Doors

Sol-Up Embarq Doors are one of the most energy efficient doors you can find in the U.S. marketplace. The entry doors are manufactured using thick Fiberglass, offering 43% more insulation and a U-factor of .09, which is the lowest recorded measurement for heat conduction in the context of entry doors in the U.S.A.

Apart from being energy efficient, the doors are also durable, stylish, beautiful, and available in a wide variety of options and sizes. They are also customizable, and the dual-perimeter seal increases the door’s energy efficiency.

Final Thoughts

With energy efficient doors, you can gain more comfort and convenience in your home. They are also cost-effective and offer better insulation.

Relying on them can help you have an eco-friendly home enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint and better the environment as well. Hence, investing in them is a good idea.

Similarly energy efficient window also gives comfort and heat insulation. So if you want to know more about it, refer following article:

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