6 Entry Level Construction Jobs with No Experience Needed!

When you think about construction, the first thing that comes to mind is that you probably need a degree for it, right? Well yes and no. The thing is, is that you can work an entry-level construction job without necessarily having any sort of degree or prior work experience. Now before you accuse us of messing with you, maybe you should stick around a little longer and read the rest of this article.

If you’ve already made it to this passage, and want to learn how to get into construction jobs without experience, then strap yourselves in for an amazing opportunity you never knew existed.

Working an entry-level construction job doesn’t require you to go to a university so long as you have the drive and the enthusiasm to perform this job. So without further ado, here are some of the finest construction jobs with no experience required:

Entry Level Construction Jobs without Experience

Job 1: Entry Level Construction Job of Solar Voltaic Installation

Entry Level Construction Job of Solar Voltaic Installer

Solar voltaic installers are those who install, maintain, and assemble solar panel systems on rooftops and other types of structures. Many solar panel installations are carried out outdoors, but the installers can also work in crawl spaces and attics so they can connect the panels to the electric grid.

The annual wage for solar photovoltaic installers is $44,890 as of May 2019.

Interestingly, solar voltaic installer employment is expected to grow by 63% from 2018 to 2028, which is faster than the average for every occupation in the world today. With continual growth and adoption of solar PV systems, there will be even greater job opportunities especially for those who complete their training courses in this field.

Job 2: Job of General Contractors without Experience

Entry Level Construction Job of General Contractor on Construction Site

General contractors are tasked with running day-to-day building/construction projects. They communicate constantly with clients, as well as ensure that all the necessary materials are available on-site. They also manage employees and the work of subcontractors who are hired for other aspects of the project like plumbing or electrical.

They take complete responsibility for a particular project and are also responsible for answering to the people who hired them, which are their clients.

There are several types of general contractors. A residential contractor, for instance, builds additions, remodels kitchens, frames houses, rooms, bathrooms, and more. The average salary for a general contractor is $62,159.

Like solar voltaic installers, there are no formal educational requirements for this job. The only qualifications required for this position is knowledge of estimation and plan reading, as well as possessing skills and design/building. Furthermore, you can learn more about construction management (which is a common aspiration for general contractors) via Procore.

Job 3: Entry Level Construction Job of Carpentry Labourer with No Experience

Entry Level Construction Job of Carpentry Laborer

Being a carpenter is another great option in how to get a construction job without experience. These people are skilled in measuring, cutting, as well as building structures out of wood. This could involve framing houses, residential remodelling, concrete framework, stone framework, etc. They should also be able to interpret blueprints, assembly instructions, and other kinds of directions. They even operate forklifts, skid steers, wheel loaders, and other similar types of equipment.

Apart from these equipment, carpenters have to operate other carpentry tools like circular saw, power drill, Nail gun etc. You can know more in detail through this article.

Their average salary on a yearly basis is $44,000. Although you don’t need any specific educational requirements for this type of position, employers may ask potential workers to have a GED or a high school diploma. As for qualifications, it depends whether a potential candidate joins the union, or works for a private company.

Job 4: Job of Heavy Equipment‌ ‌Operator‌ without Experience

Entry Level Construction Job of Heavy Equipment Operator

For this field, candidates must know how to drive and control a vast set of heavy equipment for transportation and construction projects. The only things required for this field is a commercial driver’s license and a high school diploma. Most operators are also required to complete programs or apprenticeships through a vocational school. This job require to operate heavy equipment which are listed in-detail here,

Pneumatic Roller Compaction Equipment
Explain Vibratory Roller Compaction Equipments

In May 2018, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) said that the highest-paying industries for these types of workers include natural‌ ‌gas‌ ‌distribution, merchant wholesalers and non-durable items, electric power generation, scientific research service support activities, and building equipment contractors.

The BLS also projects that job opportunities for heavy equipment operators would go up faster than the average between 2018 and 2028. This is especially true for candidates who have experience operating more than one kind of equipment and those who work in metropolitan areas.

The average mean salary for heavy equipment operators is $53,030.

Job 5: Entry Level Construction Job of Sheet Metal Workers‌ with No Experience

Entry Level Construction Job of Sheet Metal Workers

Employees in this field are responsible for installing ducts for air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and fans. They specialize in HVAC systems, or industrial, architectural and service sheet metal work. These workers may work in factory environments to cut as well as create sheet metal items or test produce components and systems.

Other abilities required for this position include lifting heavy items, stoop and bend, and also standing for long hours, and sometimes being able to perform their duties in tight spaces.

Generally, sheet metal workers are supposed to fabricate and install metal‌ ‌products‌ using lasers, shears, saws, computers, and presses. A little warning before you consider this job: there is a high risk of injury and illness involved here.

The BLS predicts an 8% employment growth for sheet‌ ‌metal‌ ‌workers‌ between 2018 and 2028. This is what makes the sheet metal working industry one of the best construction jobs with no experience required.

Job: 6 Job of Landscape Labourer‌ without Experience

Entry Level Construction Job of Landscape Laborer

A landscape labourer should not be confused with a landscape designer, a business owner, or anything else as they differ in both pay and responsibility. Landscapers are responsible for lawn‌ ‌care‌ (like keeping lawns manicured, healthy and cut), weed whacking, pruning bushes, mulching, etc.

The average mean salary for a landscaper is $30,447. Becoming a landscaper is quite easy. Once the landscaping season kicks in around your area (when spring officially arrives), you can either call a number of landscaping companies or even search for any job openings in your local newspaper or online.

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