Expensive Homes Sold in Biggest Cities of America

The wealthiest Americans likely never see homes of low prices! They shop for homes, which have prices into the millions of dollars. The glitz and glamour in some of America’s most exclusive areas have made country famous for its huge homes, complete with pools, tennis courts & other extravagances. Here we have put together the list that which reveals some of the most exquisite mega-mansions, condos, penthouses, and compounds around the country.

Forbes have listed down the most expensive home of the major cities in America are given below:

New York City

Population: 8.6 million

Median Home Value: $587,200

Most Expensive Home 2016: A penthouse at 432 Park Avenue, a newly constructed 1,396-foot tower, sold for $87.7 million in September.

Local Record: $100.5 million for the penthouse at One 57 in 2015

Location: 432 Park Avenue, New York City (DBOX for CIM Group/Macklowe Properties)

Courtesy: Forbes


Los Angeles (tie)

Population: 4 million

Median Home Value: $590,400

Most Expensive Home 2016: Daren Metropoulos, son of billionaire C. Dean Metropoulos, bought The Playboy Mansion in June for $100 million, setting a local record.

Location: 10236 Charing Cross Road, Los Angeles

Courtesy: Forbes

Los Angeles (tie)

Population: 4 million

Median Home Value: $590,400

Most Expensive Home 2016: Billionaire Tom Gores struck a $100 million deal for newly built 301 N Carolwood Drive in October.

Location: 301 N Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles (Everett Fenton Gidley. Courtesy: Coldwell Banker Previews International)

Courtesy: Forbes


Population: 2.7 million

Median Home Value: $214,400

Most Expensive Home 2016: A full-floor apartment at the Waldorf Astoria sold for $11.7 million in July.

Local Record: $18.75 million for the Penthouse at Park Tower in 2015

Location: 11 E Walton Street, Chicago (Courtesy Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty)

Courtesy: Forbes


Population: 2.3 million

Median Home Value: $174,800

Most Expensive Home 2016: A palatial 16,000 square-foot home sold in May, the final list price was $14.495 million. Texas does not require property records show sale price.

Location: 3688 Willowick Road, Chicago (Rob Muir for Sotheby’s International Realty)

Courtesy: Forbes


Population: 1.6 million

Median Home Value: $131,100

Most Expensive Home 2016: An unknown buyer agreed in June to pay $17.85 million for the penthouse at 500 Walnut, if the deal closes when the high-rise is complete next year it will be a Philly record.

Location: 500 Walnut Street, Philadelphia (Scannapieco Development Corporation)

Courtesy: Forbes


Population: 1.6 million

Median Home Value: $197,500

Most Expensive Home 2016: An 18th-century farm house sold for $7.2 million in April. The buyer subdivided the property into three lots, will renovate the main home and relist it for $6.5 million.

Local Record: $14 million for a home in Paradise Valley in 2008

Location: 5130 E Exeter Blvd, Phoenix (Courtesy Mackey Martin Group)

Courtesy: Forbes

San Antonio

Population: 1.5 million

Median Home Value: $154,400

Most Expensive Home 2016: In February this 108-year-old estate changed hands for just the fourth time for $2.6 million.

Local Record: $3.6 million for a five bedroom sold in 2010. 701 Grandview was recently back on the market asking $6 million.

Location: 342 Terrell Road, San Antonio (Courtesy Jason Glast)

Courtesy: Forbes

San Diego

Population: 1.4 million

Median Home Value: $542,500

Most Expensive Home 2016: In February 3403 Kellogg Way sold for $17.7 million.

Local Record: $35 million, T. Boone Pickens bought a home in Del Mar in 2007

Location: 3403 Kellogg Way, San Diego (Courtesy Catherine and Jason Barry team of Barry Estates)

Courtesy: Forbes


Population: 1.3 million

Median Home Value: $153,900

Most Expensive Home 2016: In January Billionaire Andrew Beal bought a 25-acre estate listed for $100 million (pictured). Then in March he bought a 6-acre estate that was asking $59.5 million. Property records do not disclose closing price.

Location: Crespi Hicks Estate on Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas (Douglas Newby)

Courtesy: Forbes

Source: Forbes






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